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Five days skiing before I got my clock cleaned

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Well this year I managed to make it for five skiing days before I got taken off my feet. I was hit hard from behind today. My skis were knocked clear off my feet and scattered many feet down the hill from me. I was just skiing along when all of a sudden, whamo. I am taking plenty of Alive.
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Hang in there, it happens, and it hurts. I hope it wasnt a snowboarder But yeah being that its so many people are trying to ski and i dunno bout where youre sk8iing but there are not very many trials to chose from so the ones that are open are crowded. I almost got clipped a few times today, but usually i try to wait till the crowd passes then i jsut go and dont stop. hope all is well.
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Of course I was a boarder and the all famous "Opps I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, I tried to stop". End of obligation and they take off.
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Ouch Pierre,
Man at least you got a sorry dude out of the guy.I have seen accidents and the guy thats hits you from behind yells at you for getting in his way!
I was skiing At Park City today and it was a mad house! I got off into the far corners of The resort thinking it was safer over there.Well I was safe from other skiers and boarders but not from rocks a rock jumped up from out of nowhere and mugged me! I hit a rock that was just under the snow I then was lunched head first into another rock that was just under the snow.Damn I love my helmet! And by the way I will trade you some of my Tylonal for some P Tex.

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Pierre, Ann had a mishap at Boston Mills today, not a hit but an out of control skier heading right for her at high speed.

What saved her was that when she saw him in the last moment all she could do was bail out. Bruised her right arm, but not too bad, she'll ski again this week.

After that her confidence was shaken so bad she skied slow looking over her shoulder constantly, so we went home.

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Pierre sorry to hear that.

I hope you bashed him around the ears with your ski poles and then dropped some plastic to the shins.

I have taken to yelling loudly at people stopped downhill ... DONT MOVE, I only stand below trees or next to\in them on a run and ski down the road home with my poles pointed backwards, up and outwards with my class in front. This makes the Sherrif smile and wink.


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Same thing happened to my partner at the beginning of last season. She was making her way quietly down a green run at Blue Cow th lifts to steeper runs when this airborne boarder burst out of the trees and hit her side on. She was on his blindside and his board hit her shoulder. result. Total yard sale for two-ski patrol evacuation for one, and three hours, Xrays etc in the Medical Centre.

Although we looked for the boarder we never found him. Helen only missed a days skiing as it turner out, but still has some residual stiffness in the shoulder.

She wasn't too tolerant of boarders before then, but now they get close to her at their peril!
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Speaking only for myself, of course, I have not yet been persuaded that the board is just another way to slide down the hill and should be on the same hill as skis. It appears to me that boarders, due to the very nature of their chosen sport, simply do not have the control available to a skier - and besides, they have to twist their heads just to look in front where they're headed! In my own experience, I have not yet been socked into by a skier [knock on wood], although I realize that it happens and can happen BAD. However, I HAVE been messed with by a sliding boarder or several who clearly did not have control over the board - hell, they can't even WEDGE!!!!
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Utah49:
...at least you got a sorry dude out of the guy. I have seen accidents and the guy thats hits you from behind yells at you for getting in his way!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Accidents happen, but the first guy who pulls that on me is going to get clocked and THEN I'll yell at him for not getting out of the way of my fist.
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Juan Pierre,

Glad you made it. Cuz I don't want to hear any excuses at Fernie.
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Nakona wrote:
>>Accidents happen, but the first guy who pulls that on me is going to get clocked and THEN I'll yell at him for not getting out of the way of my fist.<<
I always think that way but when I get hit easy I just shrug it off because it happens so often but when I get hit hard like yesterday, I am usually so stunned I couldn't even identify the assailant. Right now I am so sore I don't think I can ski today and I can't even remember his face. I landed on my tailbone and my back feels like its comming apart right now.
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Pierre eh,

Sorry to hear about the pain (in the back). I broke a rib about 3 weeks ago (snow snake, not a Knuckledragger), but have come back strong. Knowing the kind of shape you were in last season, I would expect you would have the same quick recovery. Hang in there!

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Sorry to hear that Pierre. What kind of slope control do you have at your resort? Any at all?

I have never been hit while patrolling. I have without my jacket on though. Do you think this is just coincidence?

Do I think boarders are more recless? Yes. Mostly because of lack of experience and not understanding the respect of the slopes issues.They also pack more of a wallop because their mass is more centered. Ouch!

This should spark debate huh Oboe?

Be careful my friend. I still have some Viox if you need some.
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Frankly, Lars, boarding has certainly helped the "bottom line" of the ski areas, which is not a bad thing for skiers. However, if that factor were to be eliminated, the presence of boarding on ski slopes has NOT improved the sport of skiing. It's here to stay, so both accomodation and control are legitimate topics for dicussion. However, I would be a happier camper at an area where boarding was not present, whether by happenstance or by fiat. Of course in all fairness to the rest of the world, I'd also ban adolescence if I could - these kids are SO much more tolerable when they're past that! At least, that's my paternal experiene. So maybe I'd feel differently about boarding when the boarders are past the "adolesence" of their development. As a skier, I'll confess, I still have raging hormones and not as much control as I wish.
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ouch Pierre

Hope you heal quickly.


As a new "employee" of a ski resort I think my awareness of out of control skiers/boarders has just gone up or maybe it is truly getting real bad.

on New Years Eve I skied with some friends at Heavenly. Comet express on the Comet run.

In the first 200 yards of the run, on my first run down I see a large crowd of people standing around. As I approach I see it's my Friend's son and a boarder. The boarder basicly took my friend's kid out. Luckily no injuries but it took us about 10 minutes to get everything untangled and cleaned up to move on. In that 10 minutes we were almost hit 2 or 3 times by out of control skiers an boarders.

as we moved out I watched 2 more near misses and a second collision all by out of control skiers and boarders. then farther down the hill I watch as what I considered to be an out of control skier almost hit a kid (maybe 4-5 years old) and have to make a panic move to avoid the kid and crash. As he gets up I realize that the idiot is talking on a cell phone while skiing at a very high speed. He is complaining to whoever he is on the phone with that he's got snow in his britches and just fell because some kid was in his way. (this in a "slow family" zone) I then decided to stop at the safety net where the ski patrol had some guys watching the hill to let them know they need to put someone up on that section of the hill. (this was all in the first run of the day) From then on it continued. next run, watch as someone is taken off the hill in almost the exact same spot as my friend, on the sled. Through the rest of the day on that same run 3 other collisions I saw. and countless near misses,

Then on our last run of the day, I was leading my friends kids down for the last run and we were the second ones on the scene at the exact same spot for another injury. This time it was a "solo" injury but it was a ski instructor and a partner with 3 students. The instructor was down. I called my wife over to investigate and see if we could help out. It turns out a broken leg. I moved our friends kids to a place we thought would be safe and I proceeded to put up more skis to block the path so we would not be hit while my wife worked with the injured instructor and we waited for the patrol. We finally decided to send the kids down with the remaining adult in our group while we waited. I stood above the accident area and tried to steer people around the accident. We had 2 boarders, 3 skiers ignore me yelling at them (some of them bitching that I shouldn't be telling them where to ski/board) and all the crossed skis and blast through the area and almost catch one of the people trying to help. I helped and directed a child that was too scared to ski down that is walking to go around the side of the hill so she won't get hit. and some other idiot that also ignores me to go around the accident blast through and narrowly miss this girl (I would guess by only a foot or so) Is it me or are the hills way under patrolled or are the people just getting more "stupid".

End of rant
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More stupid and/or less educated. I'm disgusted with how many collisions we pick up at the bottom of family sections within spitting distance of a big orange slow banner.

: : :
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by dchan:
WARNING LONG RANT ... Is it me or are the hills way under patrolled or are the people just getting more "stupid"? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Answer: "They" are definitely getting more stupid. Your day sounds like any one of many that I had last season.

Because of all of the idiots on the hills, I've taken to skiing in spurts. Even if I have to stand around for a couple of min, I'll wait for a big opening in traffic, then take off like the proverbial bat-out-of-hell (so that no one overtakes me from the rear), and then stop (immediately next to a tree, if possible), wait and repeat the process when I overtake the next downhill clot of people.

Some people that I ski with think I'm nuts, but I estimate that its several hundred times more likely that I'll be hurt by another skier/boarder than in a solo accident, so I just do my little ritual and stay *very* vigilant when it gets crowded. Thus far, it has served me well.

Tom / PM
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I skied every day between Dec 26 and Dec 31 (at Tremblant and Mont-Saint-Anne in Quebec). I never thought of skiing as a contact sport, but I saw some serious "contact" during the holidays. Sometimes I was amazed at how people got up and walk away from what seemed like disastrous accidents. The lack of snow, the few open runs and the huge crowds are a recipe for disaster.

The sad part is that my wife is becoming more and more afraid to ski. She is terrified of being hit by someone, and this reduces her confidence and ability trust her skills. It is terrible to see how her enjoyment of skiing has been reduced by this fear of accidents. I am becoming a little paranoid too, mind you.

oboe said: Of course in all fairness to the rest of the world, I'd also ban adolescence if I could ...

So true oboe. So many young people today have no respect for anyone. They know adults cannot touch them and they take full advantage of it. But once in a while kids restore my faith in the future. I met some outstanding young men from Buffalo (riding the gondola at Tremblant) who did not hesitate to offer everyone candy and wish everyone a Happy New Year. They even asked about the difficulty of some runs so that they don't hurt themselves or others. Now how refreshing is that?

Pierre eh!

What a terrible accident. Hard to believe that somebody would hit you like that and not stop to see if you need help. Let me wish you a speedy recovery.
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I've personally decided to boycott those hills that present such large crowds that skiing or boarding is impossible. Mt. High after 10:00 AM. Big Bear, Snow Summit - all boarder havens but so crowded it's not worth it. I skied once in Ohio near Mansfield. The hill is small and so crowded. I feel for those who can't make it to a larger mountain.

There is one benefit though. I made my last trip to Mt. High a couple years back. I was waiting for an opening in the crowd to form so I could make at least two more turns, when suddenly my feet were taken out from beneath me. I landed face-to-face on top of a total babe. "Too bad I'm married", I said as we became unentangeled. Not that she would have been interested in me, but man was she hot and I did get her to laugh. Both of us road off with a smile.
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>>>. I skied once in Ohio near Mansfield. The hill is small and so crowded.<<<

Snow Trails gets only half as crowded as the areas where Pierre and I ski. :

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Has "THE LAW" replaced personal responsibility in this country?

Is the USA #1 rant actually working against the citizens?

If we analyse the posts on hits and misses I read that this would appear to be the case. The people that ski way fast and close just do not give a stuff about you or me.

Is this a reflection of the USA governments general stance? "Lets build a missile shield and exclude the world" Can this be broken down into "stuff the rest I ski how I want"?

The codes not working because many people just do not give a stuff.

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