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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post
Get ready to dance

Sorry, just thought it was worth repeating for the new page.
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We been theyah - was it ovah when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!

Are you with me Red Sox nation?!? YAAAAARGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Umm ... just in case - this one's for tommorrow (apologies to Jesus Christ).

Red Sox prayer

Our Father, who art at Fenway...
Baseball be thy game.
They Kingdom come,
Playoffs need to be won,
On Earth, then on to the Cask 'n' Flagon.

Give us this day, a perfect Papi,
And forgive us our losses,
As we forgive those,
Like Bill Buckner.

And lead us not, into desperation,
But deliver us from any losses.

For thine is the Power,
And the Glory,
To beat the Indians,
Forever and ever....the Yankees suck

And of course, the famous Menino cookie prayer

"Much like a cookie, I predict that the Yankee dynasty will crumble and the results will be delicious for Red Sox's fans everywhere."
(Mayor Menino after game 3 ALCS 2004)
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The great Manny Ramirez has spoken. And in Manny's World, it doesn't really matter much if the Red Sox rebound to win the AL Championship Series. "If it doesn't happen, who cares?" Ramirez said yesterday at Jacobs Field, breaking his usual silence around reporters. "There's always next year. It's not like it's the end of the world." -- New York Post
Glad to hear making it as far as the Red Sox has is a piece of cake and they can do it every year.
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Beckett !
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If only Beckett could pitch every game!
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He's the man

Now it's up to the old pro - I like our chances! The Onion had this funny parody of his bloody uni

I might drop by the park and try and snare a few tickets tommorrow. Will post pics if I get in
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Things are looking pretty good for Boston now. I guess they just needed motivation.
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JD Drew!? Who knew??

Shilling came up big - AGAIN

It's game 7 tonight ALCS - anything can happen. This is what it's all about - two best records in baseball play for it all! DiceK is due for a good game (but if he isn't give em the hook early

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Amazing. He made up for a season of nothing with one swing. The fans probably expected him to fail as he has done most of the year. Probably the last guy they wanted up in that situation.
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I'll be the first to say, the better team won.
It still makes me sad...again.
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Thread Starter 

juggernaut? INDEED!

Boston Red Sox

2007 American League Champs

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Rocks vs. Sox! Oh no! Where should my loyalties lie?
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This is what I get for marrying a New Yorker, in fact a girl born in the Bronx.: At least she isn't a Yankees fan.

Sweetie, you don't move out of Red Sox Nation. You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave.

3 years ago we were hosting a game 1 World Series party. No cheating now! :

Just flew into Boston for business during the game. The captain kept switching stations feeding the ESPN coverage onto Channel 9, and gave us updates when they lost the signal. Whole plane erupted when the Sox won.
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where are you, Goerge?

..would have loved to have heard Steinbrenner's utterance at the moment bosox won.....

From the Boston Globe: on to "Corolado Lockies."
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I knew they could do it.
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Another pennant - now for the ring!

Not done yet - great game though last night! A lot of very tired commuters this AM including me, luckily not my turn to drive (carpool).

Fenway crowd was in it the whole night. My buddy turned down a chance to work the game last night (but probably will be in there for WS).

Amazingly they didn't get to Westbrook (very impressive big game pitcher) but DID pound their best reliever Bettencourt. DiceK was white knuckle time but in the end he DID shut down a very balanced Cleveland lineup.

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Indians will be back, Cirque. They've got a very good young team.
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Lets Go Red Sox

Even this guy is getting in the spirit - GO SOX!
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Mini Manny (his two kids).

3 More wins to the championship!! I said 7 games ... can I change that to 4 game sweep if they win tonight? Well I did mention sweep either way earlier. It sure looks like a mismatch when the Sox hitters step up like THAT last night. Tonight's game is really key - I don't think Colorado can afford to spot them any more wins.

All depends on Rockies pitching I think. That homefield advantage throughout the playoffs has been a HUGE factor so far ....
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The season's complete - we win!

All that's left is the parade! Congratulations to the 2007 Boston Red Sox - the World Champions!!!

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I'll take that juggernaut now.

On second thought, make it a double.


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As a guy who absolutely HATES Boreball even tho I played the game , But now as an adult i frankly find the game is stultifyingly boreing to watch-- That said i will congratulate the Red Sox Nation

I did however really enjoy the comic relief of MANNY wearing what looked to be his BVD's on his head during BP. Manny is a star quality player a real original who is refreshingly DIFFERANT.
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Originally Posted by ryan View Post
I'll take that juggernaut now.

On second thought, make it a double.


Front view at almost the same time.

What a shot.
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Schilling back

And he admits, as I stated, that he came into last season out of shape. I think there's plenty of motivation for him to ramp up the off-season workout program to get him where he needs to be in order to go six innings...and get another ring.

Now take care of Lowell.
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I'm amazed they took him back. To me, he's one small rung above where Clemens was this season. Great for his age, but...

And that crap he pulled on the Sox WS celebration day -- posting a list of prospective teams he'd be willing to pitch for on his blog -- was almost as uncool as the A-Rod/Borass announcement at the end of the series.
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Old fat guy with an 11-2 post season record re-signs with Hub ballteam....

Great to see him back. Those key victories in Game 6 ALCS and Game 2 WS came in real handy.

If he does his sit-ups he'll have a chance for 25 starts next year, and a good shot at repeating. He could certainly have made much more in this market where proven post season pitching talent is so rare.
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Schillilng made the transition this year from power pitcher to finesse pitcher. Next year he'll go into Spring training with that already done and will be able to perfect the new approach. I think he'll be a better pitcher next year, and the Sox brass is good at avoiding overusing people, so for $8 million he'll be a very low priced pitcher who in September could be a huge help. As a number 4 or 5 starter he's a great deal, and the market for pitching is very slim this year.

I'll tell you for $2 million in incentives I'd lose a LOT of weight no problem!
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The interesting thing about the weight incentive is Schilling is the one that purposed it. Sounds like he realizes he needs to be motivated. As for comparing Schilling with Clemens, you've got to be kidding. Clemens demanded twice the pay for about the same results making Schillings look like a bargain.
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yeah the other thing about Clemens is you only got him for what - 6 wins or something? 1/2 the season? Lotta bucks for a 6 inning guy for such a short period.
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