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Amazing juggling

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This isn't really humorous but it sure is a wowzer. This guy is really, really good.
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I got tired just watching...

here is a guy doing 5 balls...
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you guys have got nothing on Vova (The world champion)... pulling a dandy in Slim's video...
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Wow, he is good, especially juggling in multible locations at the same time
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Originally Posted by samurai View Post
you guys have got nothing on Vova (The world champion)... pulling a dandy in Slim's video...
That is cool. I had seen Chris Bliss vid before, but not these others. Almost as entertaining are the YouTube exchanges that followed the Vova clip.....

oh ho ho u ******. Just because u admire him and want to join the circus doesnt mean u have to insult me. And if he spent this much time studying instead of doing those tricks, then he would be a genius. Just my thoughts *****
How do you know how much time it took? Maybe he had a knack smart one.
I see no circus but the one in your head controlling your wacked out thoughts.
you can learn all this just by turning off the tv for a couple years...
Not to mention that that kind of skill could easily be turned to combat purposes.
dude, your house is huge!
and on... and on... and .... :
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Great vids, the Chris Bliss one which I've seen before, still has an extra element of creativity that the others don't - although they are AMAZING jugglers.
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Just watched the Bliss again. He's not as good a juggler as the others, but it's like the difference between dance and gymnastics. His juggling is like a dance.
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Jason is a jerk, or is that just his public personna.
Chris Bliss definitely has a more entertaining routine with much better choreography.
Json is interesting but Bliss is ENTERTAINING!
And I cannot believe I have just spent 45 minutes watching juggling videos.
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Art (Chris Bliss) vs. brute force (Jason). The same could be said of skiing styles too...
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not a juggler ,just a yo yo
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And no one caught this? It's like juggling for Physics students:
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Viktor Kee

If you've never seen or heard of this guy, you have to watch his routine from Cirque du Soleil.

I've seen this routine live and to this day it still amazes me.

His combination of juggling, acrobatics, athleticism, and showmanship is unreal.

Have a look.

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Very pissed off!! Wasted 2 minutes of my life here
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