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IMHO it is unskilled members of my age group, as well as crowding on the slope, not skiers or snowboarders who cause these accidents. when I was hit two years ago (four skier pileup) I was waiting in a liftline with one of my friends when two skiers oblivious to their surroundings hit one another and then collided with myself and my friend. they were out of control and injured my friend as well as bent one of my poles.
the advent of shaped skiis as well as snowboards has had the adverse affect because these unskilled and unexperience members have a tendancy to get in over their heads because of a percieved sharper learning curve.
it took me four years of learning for me to even consider doing what what I see certain youth attempting on their second day of skiing. I consider myself right now as someone who is decently competent in racing(after skiing for twelve years now), and am able to see that if one of these kids is able to negotiate a slalom at high speeds where I myself would be struggling and dumbfounded he much less of a threat when it comes to skiing on piste with the rest of the population than an above mentioned unskilled skier OR snowboarder. ya
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The attitude problem count from patrolling Saturday: I counseled:

Two SKIERS who ducked the boundary rope right in front of me
A SKIER playing bumper car with his buddy on a crowded cat track and
3 SKIERs and a boarder who blew past the run closure at sweep (they had a nice hike up the hill).

Breakdown of the 7 people – six were young males and six were skiers. No Racers and a single boarder. Your mileage may vary.
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