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Whistler this weekend?

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Hi all-

Will anyone from the board be at W/B this weekend? Looks like it''ll be pretty good. I'm the only one in my travel party on two planks, so I thought it would be fun to meet some Bears for some turns. My turns are fast and carve-like, until we hit the steep icy bumps. Then they begin to resemble panicked hockey-stops. Maybe you can even help me with that!


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Doh! I am planning on skiing this weekend, but will have my two young daughters with me, so will be moving pretty slow on the groomed stuff. Rather than spend the extra bucks and time driving to Whistler, we usually go to Mt. Baker. Have you been to Baker yet this year? More than 100" of snow, and 100% terrain skiable. Was there last weekend, and must say coverage was much better than Whistler was the week before, though lots of snow has fallen since then. We'll be at Whistler from time to time throughout the year, and if I'm there by myself or with my wife and family, I'd love to cut some turns with you or others. This weekend though, I'm a ski instructor daddy.

Ciao for now.
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