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Win some heliskiing

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OK guys and gals. Our Prophecy Sweepstakes is online. Enter now kids, we may see you here in the Chugach. Good luck.

Go to the ski page on http://www.tetongravity.com and click the contest link.


Owens Never Sleeps
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Dear Mr. Owens of Alyeska,

What's the deal? I tried to enter but in the address drop-down menu for STATE, New York is not listed.

Please fix that so I can come to Valdez and be your humble sherpa.

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Unfortunately, New York and Florida are excluded from the contest. Both states require us to post a massive bond in order to do a contest there. They are pretty tough about enforcing it. We discovered this the hard way last year. Sorry, we hate excluding New York and Florida, but we don't have a choice at this juncture.

Owens Never Sleeps
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Use a friends addresss.
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Dear mr Owen who nevers sleeps,

it is very sad that us second class citizens cannot enter. Our dollar is sick ($aus $1.00 = $US 0.54!)and our summers long and hot. We mortgaged the house to fly to JH last year but probably will not be able to afford it this year. Please may we enter?
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You may enter, but we may not select you. I hate disqualifying anyone, but the legality of including international participants and as you read above, residents of certain states just gets really complicated. We used to include everyone and were super informal about the whole thing, but we ran into some leagal problems a year ago and it ended up costing us a LOT of money. We just can't afford it. Maybe some day when we really hit the big time and we are super wealthy, we can include the whole planet. I would love that.

Sorry man.
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I never enter places unless I'm asked to
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