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SalomonXwave increasing flex

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Anyone any experience of cutting the steel flat plate that runs up the back of the boot and is accessible at the cuff join? I am told it is quite a common modification on the Xwave to increase the flex. Thanks
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on the waves it is just cosmetic, does nothing. on the race boots it stiffens them, but on the wave it looks cool.

I thought that I would soften my waves a bit and removed the lower rivet so that the rail would float, it just fell out.

if you have the 10's remove the second set of rivits, if you have the 6,7,8, or 9, follow the dotted line on the inside of the upper cuff and make a "V" notch to soften them
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thanks mntlion

as a professional boot fitter this is must be pretty expert advice.

The boots in question are brand new Xwave 8s, bought specifically to obtain more flex than 9s or 10s, and which my stiff old Rossi courses didn't have despite any amount of V-cutting etc. The first comment I got wearing the 8s was 'you'll need to cut that metal bar'. That was from a pro so was surprised to hear it is really only cosmetic (he's since moved on to Tecnica diabolos which he reckons flex better than any of the Xwaves).

So maybe there is nothing to lose in taking his advice and cutting it anyway? I always have the V option you suggest, but will that affect the lateral strength as well?
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try cutting the bar, all the ones I have seen are cosmetic. I ground off the rivet from the inside of the shell to keep the outside stock looking, and to be able to re-rivet it if I wanted too.

also try the power strap around the liner only, not the shell and liner, again it is reversible if you don't like it.

V notch will be fine for lateral strenght, at least I have not noticed any difference, others who ski more hardpack, or are larger/stronger, or are more at tune with the snow might.

why not buy the wave 6 or 7 if you wanted softer? they are all the same shape.
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thanks again. Well I've cut the Vs so I'll see what that does. The plastic clearly changes its maleability as you go down the V, quite flexible at the bottom. And the boot feels softer too. That black rear strap appears to be made of carbon fibre or fibreglass and is rivetted at the bottom but free at the top behind the plate that holds the power strap [when the boot is flexed you can see the top end through the little window in that plate] so it must operate on friction(?). Rather wish I had bought the Nordica speedmachine10s.
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The strap is made to look like carbon fiber, but it's just plastic (probably ABS), nothing fancy.

In the Xwave line, the 9 and 10 share the same liner, which is quite a bit better than the liner in the 8 and other models (the 9/10 liner has more moldable material for a better fit). The 9 and 10 differ by a couple rivets, so a 9 can easily be converted to a 10 and vice versa, and you can always saw into the v-notches as noted. Anyhow, one reason to get the 9 and soften the shell, instead of getting an 8, would be for the better liner; I wouldn't get the 6 or 7 unless budget was an issue (and it shouldn't be with boots) or they are for an intermediate skier.
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if you had to soften a Xwave 8 you would have had to make the speedmachine10 softer too.

again: the carbon rod does NOTHING, no friction, not a stiffener, just plastic, no function. (positive or negative)
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That's a good point, but I feel there is a current towards softer flex boots that I have been drawn into. The guy who told me I had to cut the rod on the xwaves (which probably wouldn't have done much anyway) skis a Tecnica diabello which he says has more flex than the xwaves. I had been persuaded to get the xwaves because they were softer then my old Rossis. When is soft too soft?

What is all this talk about needing softer boots today?
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X Wave 10 Too Stiff


I have a pair of red xwave 10 boots without the honeycomb sidewalls (bought cheap which is imp't in Australia cause we pay more than you!).

Read this thread and want to soften up the boots a little as they overpower my short skiis, making them a bit twitchy.

Had already drilled out the rivet on one and found removing the cosmetic carbon plate made no change in flex.

Other threads told to drill out rivets behind the hinge points

Mine dont have rivets - have black "holes" which presumably bulge into the inner. The bulge then has a limited range of movement in a vertical rectangular slot.

1. Can I take apart the hinge? both hinge points have allen key heads and can be used for canting adjustment. Key point - if they come apart do they go back together again?

2. If I trim back/off the hole shaped bulges in their slots will the flex be softened - perhaps too much? or is the flex more a function of the shape of the cuff and the materials.

Any advice before I get carried away with the tools would be great

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I'm skiing the xwave 10.. Saffron color, no honey comb. Same boot as Owenb but different color, I don't think the last or design was changed at all.

To soften,

Remove bolts in front (not behind) of the hinge/cant bolt. Fill with silicone or some other sealant. You can always put them back in..

OOPS correction... the bolts are behind the hinge/cant bolt.. Unless the xwave 10 was changed at some point or a different model was shipped to AU these should be bolts, not rivets.. If your's has holes, are the holes "hex shaped" if so, they should be removable. If they are just holes maybe someone already pulled them..

As mentioned the rear rivet really does not do much if anything.

Move the power strap to inside. Liner only. or better yet, get a booster strap and put it under the shell. Then buckle shell over the power strap. Then try various amounts of tightness on your buckles..

Cut out the V on the inside of the spoiler. This should be your last resort if you still find the boot is too stiff.

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I just pulled my boots apart to take a better look. It really sounds like someone has pulled the bolts out of your boots already.. there was a special nut that fit into that vertical slot and by tightening the rear bolt you were able to "lock" the boot into a specific position presumably to hold the cant position better.

I know Salomon sold a "plug" to put into this hole to keep water out for people that removed it. Maybe that's what you have now..

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thanks and

Thanks dchan

After I posting the message found a salomon technical manual that talked about canting lock bolts - you are right; they have already been removed.

Whats a booster strap?

Is the spoiler (to cut V ) the topmost cuff wrapper (with buckle) or something else?

Thanks again : )
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the "V" cut is done on the inner part or lower part of the shell.

If you pull the liner and look towards the back you will see the part of the cuff that wraps around your foot, then there is a tall part of the lower boot that rises up to about 3/4 of the height of the rear spoiler inside the cuff. This stiffens the forward lean on the boot as well.. On this part that rises up there is a marked "V" as a guideline. You don't have to take it all the way down, Start with about an inch, and keep cutting it out until you get the desired flex..

If I get a chance I'll take a picture of my Wife's boot which has had the "softening V cut out. She is on an Xwave 8 but same idea..

As far as a booster strap, see www.boosterstrap.com
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