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Long Distance Fuel: Hammer/endurolytes

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anybody use the stuff?

have been somewhat of a luddite where fueling is concerned but with the miles and temps increasing and me not getting younger, i'm looking into finally adding the lab to the peanut butter and banana sandwiches w/water science.

the hammer product line is intriguing and i've read mostly positive feedback; i'm planning on using the hammer gel as my training intensifies, and the endurolytes for actual events (century rides).

first-hand experience appreciated, thanks. if you've used and been happy with similar products/same purpose (endurance training/competing/recovering), that's good, too.
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Specifically the Endurolytes, particularly for hot weather when I do not want my water intake to automatically include sugar.

Have also used the Perpetuem for 5hour+ efforts. Seems to work fuel-wise particularly if I'm putting in enough effort to get an energy hole about 45 minutes after starting but I found myself fighting sugar and salt cravings both, doesn't really help with the 90 minute energy pit. In combination with coffee it is -interesting- though the metallic aftertastes are just horrible. I have yet to figure out how to physically carry enough of the stuff to get useful fueling past 2 hours and still have enough plain water. Much, much less gas than Cyto.

I love the fueling guides on that site, though I'm still trying to wrap my head around their pre-exercise carbo schedule.
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I was a skeptic until I got into trail running and bike racing and found out that with the proper fueling using Gu/Endurox/Hammer Gel and if I stayed hydrated and remained below my lactic threshold, I could go hard and feel strong during long races. It was also agreeable with my digestive system. Great products for endurance athletes IMHO.
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