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Rooms for Rent in Sandy

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Posting this up for my landlord. and in case someone needs a place to stay.

We have 2/3 rooms for rent in Sandy, Ut on Dimple Dell Road. Less than 5 minutes to the mouth of LCC canyon, and about 10 min to the mouth of BCC.

The property is 3 arces with house up on hill(awesome views). The 2 rooms up for grabs are one with a shared bathroom and one with a private bathroom.

Pluses for living here.

Lots of space
pets can be accommodated
High speed internet access
very private location... 1/2 mile driveway
the family that rents it out lives here for part of the year and is super chill.
close to the mouth of the canyon
Dimple Dell Park is across the street good place to ride(horse/bike) or run.
if you happen to own horses we have a stable here on the property

not plus or minus but the 2 current roommates are me, and 23 year old girl boarder. Both of us ski/board tons and are "responsible"


driveway is long and isnt plowed in winter but my intergra only didnt make it one day.
deliveries can be weird because of the said driveway.

Rent for the shared bathroom will be 400 plus utilities
Rent for the private bathroom will be 450 plus utilities

"PM me for contact info"

I ll get pcitures up soon
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Damn, If only I was 22 years old, single and financially independent .

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sounds like sweet set up. I'm sure I wouldn't fit in. You guys would hate it when I was doing bong hits of Geritol and Red Bull then rocking out to Lawrence Whelk untill 3 am.
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Originally Posted by barrettscv View Post
Damn, If only I was 22 years old, single and financially independent .


That's funny, I was thinking the same thing when I read it yesterday.
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ok incase someone younger than the typical Epic folk check this. here are some pictures

the humble abode

the view from the house LCC is on the left

2/3rds of the driveway

the front "yard" with dimple dell park right across the street.

some view shots taken from where i eat breakfast on nice days

The downstairs waiting to be refurnished after remodeling

Yeah its 70s but I love it the living room

the stables in case you have horses
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ok I know I might not get the best response on this site but I am relisting this to fill recent vacancies...
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that place sucks there's no snow!

Yup ... well if I decide to relive my youth in some fit of middle age psychosis I'll be up for it (not likely). Actually might send it to my cousin ....
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bump for rooms opening up.

2 rooms are opened up at this location right now.

Wildcat I know your daughter is ski bummin next year, she should start in the summer time.
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Can you repost the photos?
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Photos please!
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Family Room


View from our hottub winter


The house(alot bigger than it looks)

Our anti missionary defense system

there you go guys there is interest I would get in now
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When is he/she looking to start the lease and for how long?
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