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Pali lift opened today

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A-Basin opened the Pali lift today and on coloradoski.com they say may open day to day depending on snow conditions. I didn't go up today because it was closed and then saw they opened it. Oh well. Lower East wall also open today. ummmmm- maybe Thursday? maybe Saturday? definately not on Sunday.
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Hi Bumpdad- they opened the upper East Wall, too- North Pole and Willie's were open. I hiked the North Pole and got some nice turns in a half-foot of fresh dry snow! (whoever put in the boot pack must have awfully long legs, however). I had originally planned to go to closing day at Loveland, since they had the entire Ridge open, but I got my usual late start, and all of the parking lots, as well as the legal parking on the side of the road, were full. I figured (correctly) that the Basin would be nearly empty by comparison. It snowed hard all afternoon- real snow, not wet slush!

I may be going up on Thursday, too- I'm on call on Wednesday night. Share a ride?
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If I go, and I probably will, I will go up late and leave early (arrive around 10:30 and leave around 2:30). My wife and kids are not too happy about another ski day. So I would get them up and out before I leave and try to get back before the little one wakes up from her nap.
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I just rechecked my calendar- I misread it for my previous post. I'm on call on Tuesday (tomorrow) and off on Wednesday. Any chance? Starting late and leaving early is perfect for me, too.
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I'm booked all day Wednesday. no chance. Let me know how the snow is.
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