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Happy Birthday Ott!!!

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Happy Birthday Ott!
You are truly an inspiration!

Any chance of an Ott Story for your birthday?
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Hey big guy! Happy Birthday! Many happy wishes!
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Happy birthday to the immortalizer of Sigi, the minx who herringboned across more than a few hearts at epicski...
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Many, many happy returns

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Ott is soooooooooooooooo old, the story may start out ... "I remember the first time that snow ever fell .. "

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Hey, thanks everyone! Being 75 is a blast, two large parties Friday and yesterday left me with a bit of a hangover but it is OK now. Ann and I are going to the ballet today and a big steak at Outback afterward.

Thanks to the Barking Bears forums I can keep my mind on skiing year around and after reading the longest thread in the history of this board I may even master the Bullet Proof Short Turn.

At this point I'm trying to find out what happened to Sigi, I discovered a website of my village in Bavaria, who knows, I may regret this, fond memories are often best left alone.

We skipped a western trip this years because Ann can only ski an hour before her knee gets so bad she has to ice it. Her doctor held out hopes for her with injections of some kind of gel for a number of weeks before next ski season, she is not at all ready to give it up.

To all of you I have met in real life and on these forums, you are great, I love you. Nothing but positive vibes came my way, even if some were camouflaged in sassy posts.

....Ott (looking forward to 76).
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Happy Birthday Ott. Are there any more Sigi stories to share?
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Many Happy Turns to you and Ann!!

Sounds like your birthday celebration was FUN!

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Alles gute zum Tag!

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Fantasy is often far better than reality....I'd keep Sigi as you remember.:

Happy the very merry month of May...and many more!
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Ott skis on and on and on...

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Ott, happy birthday from another may baby. You are an inspiration.
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Happy Birthday. If you went to Sleeping Beauty, my wife and daughter were there. Small world.
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Small world indeed. Christine Jones-Meneer, the founder and artistic director is a friend and she was a dancer in the Ohio Ballet, of which I was a founder and the photographer, I'm so glad that ballet is continued in Akron, especially the Heinz Poll memorial summer performances, being that I was the organizer of the summer p;performances 30 years ago.

We enjoyed the performance very much.

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I'll bet the entire Ohio Ballet couldn't pull off your wedeln, Ott.
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Hey Ott,

Happy BD! I always look forward to reading your views on ski technique topics! Hope you had a great birthday, week, month!

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This guy never ages! That's why we ski.

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And then there is the lovely Ann by his side:
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Are you guys raiding my web site again

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Hey Ott, when are you coming skiing with us next year?

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