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Kinda sad in a way...

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..that today was maybe my best pow day of the year (i'm not sad)! 2+ feet of light, dry pow that just wouldn't stop falling. I love skiing!
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today was up the for me too. Lap after LAp of untracked goodness.

some pictures

Tim Foley formerly of Middlebury snowbowl


There rocks in my landing I cant see and the take off goes straight up. **** it droppin in 3




Jake hucking
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Great job JM...I am so jealous, anytime the Bird has a low season late April and May are killer, it will be good now for the next 2 weeks at least, just watch!

Do me a favor, hike Baldy and ski Shark Fin to Amphitheater for me, first year in 6 years I didn't get to ski that line...
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Bushwacker- nice stoke
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Dang Josh, So your invite to join you for powder was sincere!!!
I'll be thinking of you while I'm sucking down hot tea and eating Vitamin C.

Have fun!
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