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Inside Tracks Taken over by SKI?!?!?

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I just recieved a Notice in the mail about Inside Tracks.....
This is what the following said:

Dear Inside Tracks Subscriber,

Inside Tracks has ceased pulication. The Publisher of SKI Magazine will send you a copy of SKI Magazine for every issue that remains on your Inside Tracks subscription. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah.......(BS about SKI)

If you do not wish to receive SKI Magazine and would like to receive a refund of your un-served issues of Inside Tracks, please call 1-800-678-817.
Blah blah blah blah.....

SKI Magazine.

Going to call that number... cannot stand SKI!
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No, I don't think they took over the publication. I bet they just bought the mailing list. It looks a lot cleaner to say they will give you a one issue for one issue trade. It also artificially inflates their subscription base to negotiate with advertisers (ironically the one thing the IT did not do - accept advertisements). The same thing happened a few years ago when Snow Country went under, I started getting Skiing Magazine instead.
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I got the same card, and I'm not complaining that it gave me the option of a refund or Ski Magazine. Too bad IT didn't work out, but hey, there's so much good stuff available to us, including this site and Peter Keelty's site.

IDEA!! [look OOOUUUUUT!] We have a forum for consumer reviews of gear, so . . . why not have one for consumer reviews of ski areas?! Oh, ya . . . we already have that, actually.
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For what it is worth, my card gave me an option for Skiing Magazine.

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Originally posted by Norefjell:
For what it is worth, my card gave me an option for Skiing Magazine.
Hmmm...my didn't. Matybe I'll call and see if they'll switch (same publisher) -- of the too I like Skiing better. More (ok, we;re talking relative here) objective reviews too.
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I also got the SKIING magazine option. Very strange.

Hey SnO Eagle, why did you change your name?
Do you realize what you've done?? Good gravy!!
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Carvemeister, see the thread related to the chatroom.
SNO Eagle is the "public" name of SnO BJ, which is the name she registered under at first.
And yes, soemone did pointed out that too, but me, for one, never saw it as that.

Then the new software AC installed some time ago,
gave users the option to change their "public" name while maintain their login name the same
(check your profile)
By the same, Nobody (me) became M@tteo (me), and now, albeit I do hope briefly, Mateo (me).
How to tell who's who?
Check their member number.
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From the Tech Support for Skiers Site (Peter Keelty's ski reviews) http://www.techsupportforskiers.com/

"Though Inside Tracks is gone, the coverage you trust continues here—
But, we need your support.

The demise of Inside Tracks placed Tech Support For Skiers in jeopardy. We ran a survey asking for suggestions; most responders suggested voluntary contributions rather than soliciting ads or transforming TSFS into a subscription site. We're giving it a try.

Anyone who finds TSFS worthy of support will receive personal equipment assistance, as well as services we'll increasingly include in our Members section.

If you'd like to help support TSFS—and take advantage of Members' Services—please use PayPal:

or send a check for $20 to:

Peter Keelty
Box 104
5442 South 900 East
Salt Lake City UT 84117

Be sure to include your e-mail address

You'll not only receive our profound gratitude and Member Services, but also help assure the continuation of TSFS."


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Got my notice and my first copy of SKIING yesterday. Not surprized that IT went under, but still very disappointed! I'm not sure if I'll keep the subscription as I already get SKI and don't see much value in getting two ski related magazines from the same company.

THANKS DB for pointing out the link to Keelty's website. For those of you that were fans of IT's gear reviews, this is the site to visit and support!
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