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B3 bindings attachment f...up

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seeking advice on mounting position: Bought my new B3 176 with bindings in the UK, took them on holiday 3 weeks ago, had bindings mounted out there in shop recommended by ski company I was with. Didn't use the skis on holiday.

When I returned to the UK I took a close look at the skis - 1 of the toe bindings was mounted slanted, the 2 rear binding riser plates were attached back to front and 1 was cracked as a result. I could also see they were not mounted symetrically.

Took them into a good UK company: they think they have been hand drilled, no jig used. I looked through the holes on the jig which they showed me on the ski and quite a few of the holes were significantly off centre, 1 out by 5mm!

Apparently these skis cannot be helicoiled due to the rubber shock absorbtion material in the ski - UK firm is suggesting they redrill 1CM further back.

Can anybody suggest if they can recommend that mounting position? I will use them for piste/off piste, I'm just getting into offpiste whilst I'm an advanced piste skier.

I am in the process of contacting the shop, and UK Rossignol have offered to contact the Italy Rossignol office, prefer replacement skis!

Any advice really appreciated!

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If you can, get a warranty replacement simply because you paid for new ski's and new ski's is what you deserve.

With that in mind, -1 back won't negatively hurt performance...It might even be better for you depending on your weight, skiing style (initiate turns by tip pressure vs. rolling, etc).

I ski the same ski in both a 176 and 184. I weigh 195 lbs +/-, I'm a level 8 on piste and a level 7 off. I'm a bit old school and tend to initiate turns with tip pressure, but I've almost got the modern technique down now.

I have other ski's for seriuos off piste and powder days, but if the B3, in a 176, was my one ski quiver I'd probably consider mounting it -1 anyways...Currently I ski both sizes center.

Despite all this, if it were me, I'd still attempt to get new ski's.

Good luck, and enjoy the ski's either way...I love mine.

P.S. Welcome to Epic!
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I'm 180# & have 176cm B3s mounted dead center. I like that mount since they are used primarily on packed or semi-packed snow plus I'm used to skiing on skis with a forward mounting point. For most people the B3 mount point feels too far forward, especially in powder, so going back 1cm might actually improve how they feel to you.
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Thanks, I also have some B2's which are 3 tears old and in powder I felt I'm spending too much energy keeping the tips up sometimes.

I will be using the B3's everywhere so still want to feel ok carving about etc.

Looking into Italian small claims court actions now.
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