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Winter Park Resort email address disclosure incident

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I received the below e-mail in response to a request earlier on May 2 to complete a survey regarding Winter Park's ski school. The woman who sent the e-mail accidently sent it in a way that showed all the recipients of what was a mass distribution! This included at least 1,000 e-mail addresses. In fact it looks like the e-mail address of just about everyone who took a lesson this season! I feel terrible for the woman who sent the message and I hope that she doesn't lose her job over this; although she probably should.

That being said, I bet everyone on the e-mail distribution falls into one of two camps. The first group are the bunch of geniuses who are pissed as hell and think that this incident will result in their indentity being stolen by noon tomorrow. The second group is made up of opportunists who realize that they essentially have been sent an e-mail containing free money. How much is this list worth? How much would the folks at Vail Resorts or Harb ski pay for such a list? This list has to be worth a few thousand dollars.

As for me, I don't fall into either camp. I'm don't really care who acquires my e-mail address. It's not as if every spammer on earth doesn't already have it. Also, I promise not to profit from Winter Park's mistake.

I am writing this letter because you have been identified as one of our loyal customers who received an email on May 2, 2007, with the subject line: Winter Park Ski and Ride School2007 Survey. Inadvertently, your email address appeared on the “To” line of the email. As a result, your email address was shared with other customers of Winter Park Resort. Your email address was the only piece of information that was shared, and no other personal information was shared as a result of this occurrence. I would like to express my sincere apologies for this mistake.

Please be assured that this mistake was a result of human error and was not intentional. At this time, we are evaluating how this mistake occurred and we will be implementing new operating procedures and evaluating technological changes that will ensure this does not happen again.

Please know that Winter Park takes the trust you place in us very seriously. For your convenience, our privacy policy can be viewed at http://www.intrawest.com/privacy/index.htm.

Should you encounter any difficulties or problems that arise from this inadvertent error, please contact my office by email at GM@skiwinterpark.com and we will promptly assist you with your concerns. If you want to speak with us personally we will have a toll-free number available for you to use tomorrow. We will send you that number tomorrow as soon as it is established.

Yours truly,

Gary DeFrange
Vice President/General Manager
Winter Park Resort
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I'm sure WP/Intraworst has already sold your email address to anyone who wants it.

I'm also quite sure that Vail Resorts wouldn't pay a dime (OK, maybe two) for a thousand email addresses. Their database is probably thousands times bigger than that.
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