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Just got back from Killington. Bright blue sky, below freezing last night, maybe 50*. Skied with a couple of Troy boys. Said hello, but only took half a run with a bear.

The snow was icy firm along the sides of the trails. Areas had been groomed so they were good in the morning for warmup. As things softened up, Bittersweet and Skylark were fantastic. The bumps were a ton of fun with lots of variation. You could ski big, medium or very small and move from one challenging line to easier when needed:

Superstar was groomed in the center. The bumps on the side, skier's left, were cement hard until about 1:00. Huge with fairly tight lines. Challenging but very skiable. I especially liked that my skis stayed attached, even when buried in the bump.

The head wall at the top of Superstar was mighty fine, too.

It's worth the trip if you get a chance. I'm glad that I could get away to be there. I really needed one more day to cap 06-07.

The season hath endeth for me
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Any dirt/rocks showing through? That is, can new skis survive? (Wish I had rock skis.)

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Originally Posted by ilh View Post
Any dirt/rocks showing through? That is, can new skis survive? (Wish I had rock skis.)

Superstar was covered completely, Bitersweet and ...lark had the best skiing but you had to watch out in two places. I snagged the p-tex once, but the scratch was minor. I am not as careful as most when it comes to tight spots with poor coverage. Very nice skiing, but Superstar was a bit sloppy.
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Could this be true?

The closing on the sale of Killington has been rumored to take place this week after the mt closes. Sounds like the new owner plan to open for free skiing next weekend. There is plenty of snow and it would make sense, at least to me. Wouldn't that be a kind gesture
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Thanks. I'm contemplating a trip up tomorrow with my son.
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Hmmm, I was gonna MTN bike next weekend....maybe...head North?
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