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Mammoth, 5/13

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couple l.a. dudes making last turns on whatever slush remains in the fund.

perhaps a couple interruptions for beverages.

radio 11/7.

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would love to try and make it, but fear i have Mom's Day plans with the 'rents and grandma.

that and i already told Miles that i'm too much of a pansy to make th 7.5 hour drive from SF in one shot.

camping should be good by then, though (i.e. any of the snow drifts that were dotting the Loop should be melted by now).
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hey dookey, i believe we met in passing at alpine meadows.

too bad ya can't make it; coulda compared you-know-who stories. maybe he'll get his arss away from The Show sometime to come play on a Real Mountain.
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yeah, we did meet briefly at AM. i was coming as you were going (i had kind of blown off the Tahoe Gathering and ended up riding with my old college roommate. We figured we'd bump into Cirque and the crew at some point, but never did!).

i'd be down for Mammoth, but it's Mom's Day and I believe I'm headed to my Grandmother's (she's 100!) for the day. I figure it's the least I can do since i pretty much blew off all my friends and family for ski season (i'm the social pariah at work as everybody knows I'm on the slopes every weekend).

have a blast!
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