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cheap skis/steep&cheap

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Steep & Cheap has some real cheap stuff for what looks like $80 for ski and bindings.

Not my speed but at that price for the rock skis or "friends" etc. ??

191's only however .... but some of you like long stuff.
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Backcountryoutlet.com also has that look nunyo + binding combo normally for 100 bucks. Also the burly 191cm size only.

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check out levelninesports.com

they have some cheap skis and bindings-sub 150$ for skis, 109 for Tyrolia railflex bindings. they had a pair of skis for 79$.
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That seemed like such a strange combo. I mean, who skis 191s and 10 din bindings?
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Eastern Bigfoots
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Funny -- I almost bought it off backcountry for $100 a few weeks ago, when I needed a pair of 10 DIN bindings for my wife's new skis. I ended up getting her a pair of Salomon 810Tis off SAC, so I didn't buy them, but my thought at the time was that they're selling the bindings for $70, so for $30 more I'd have a set of skis I could mount up if I wanted to. So unless I'm wrong, and assuming that shipping would be at least $30, it's probably cheaper to buy them on BCO than it was to buy them on SAC.

Funnier -- they're $98 and change on BCO now. But BCO offers free shipping on orders over $50, and if my order history is any guide, SAC always charges for shipping. So unless I'm getting this wrong, it should be cheaper now on BCO than it was on SAC.
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Originally Posted by MAGGOT View Post
That seemed like such a strange combo. I mean, who skis 191s and 10 din bindings?
Western Schticks... This 6'4" with 130 lbs weight....
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