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My Favorites

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Okay all, it's only 118 days till this problem called summer is over. Loveland opens by 10-31 -- maybe sooner. Hang in there!

This post might be timely for those planning ski trips for the upcoming season. And, it'll give some of us here some new tips!

It's a "My Favorites" thread. Talk about your favorites - whatever they are. You'll see how I start it off.

This thread has one rule.
1) No arguing.
Post your favorites, whatever they are. Don't argue with someone about theirs!

So here goes.

My favorite areas are ABasin, Copper, Berthoud Pass and Vail/Beaver Creek.

From what I've skied, the toughest terrain is at ABasin. I've never skied outside of Colorado. May be going to Jackson Hole this year.

My favorite lunch is at Berthoud Pass. The hamburger and fries plate is to die for.

My favorite run is Royal Elk Glade at Beaver Creek. The trees are far enough apart to make it challenging and close enough to make me real nervous. Throw in some bumps and you're in for a real challenging run.

My Favorite people watching is Beaver Creek. Gotta love those women and their furs.

My Favorite mountain is Copper. It's laid out really well. It's amazing. From anywhere, you can get to anywhere. Truly, there's something there for everybody. Nice groomers, bumps, some steeps (but not very many), and a kids area. The area was started by Denver natives. It shows.

My Favorite price is Copper. I paid $219 for a season pass!

My Favorite boot liners are Zipfit - wwww.zipfit.com. Leather liners - "Soft corinthian leather..." Soooo luxurious and comfy!

My Favorite funky area is Berthoud Pass. You ski down through glades then wait for a shuttle bus to come and pick you up. It's neato. Check out this link to the "Berthoud Bad Ass" competition. You'll see what I mean.

Tie goes to ABasin. God bless that teenage girl who's always there in her yellow halter top, even when it's cold out - really makes my day! And watch out for those on the lifts, with their "day wrecker" vitamins!

My Favorite T-shirts are made by the ski patrol at ABasin - hand made tie dyes. You never know when they go onsale. You have to watch for a little sign at the top of Lenahway lift. Cool T's.

My Favorite ski video is "Expert 2". The skiing in it is fab. All the movements are there, so are the drills. I watch it like twice a week.

My Favorite view is the Gore Range from PHQ at Vail. I never get tired of it - a real show stopper.

My Favorite "guarantee" goes to Berthoud Pass. If you don't like the skiing, they'll refund your ticket. And, if it doesn't snow 5" or more the night before, the price is less!

So, what are your favorites?<FONT size="1">

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My favorite areas: AltaBird, Deer Valet (don't laugh), Whistler/Blackcomb, Steamboat.

From what I've skied, the toughest terrain in North America is Whistler/Blackcomb though Snowbird is more in your face with it. Chamonix is far more challenging than anything in NA. They have trails that end in ladders bolted to the side of cliffs.

My favorite lunch is at Deer Valley. Gourmet cafeteria food. Stein Ericsson Lodge lunch buffet if the skiing's lousy. I usually brown bag it at my local American Skiing Company resort.

My favorite run is Shadows at Steamboat. Aspen trees in untracked powder is a religeous experience.

My Favorite people watching is Aspen. The "posers" are even more fun to watch than the legit celebs.

My Favorite mountain is the one I happen to be skiing on. It'd be tough to pick one. Maybe Deer Valley? Great blend of services and superb tree skiing. Bogner people don't leave the groomed so the off-trail snow quality is fantastic. Yeah, it's not an adreno-junkie's dream but they have some damned nice skiing.

My Favorite price is Alta. It's going up to an ungodly high $38 this year.

My Favorite boot liners are Head World Cup Silicon (the stock liners in my boots).

My Favorite funky area is Ohau Snow Field in New Zealand. 1000' vertical serviced by a diesel T-bar. Locally, it'd be a toss-up between Magic and Mad River... I guess Magic.

My Favorite T-shirts are the Squaw Valley 4th of July ones. Didn't make it this year.

My Favorite ski video is Blizzard of Aaahs. Back from the day when soundtracks didn't come from garage bands. Suicide runs down steep Alaska mountains doesn't do anything for me.

My Favorite view is Tahoe from Heavenly.

My Favorite "guarantee"... I don't have one. I'm an eastern skier and I don't ever trade in my lift ticket for bad skiing conditions.
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Wolf Creek, CO.
Taos, NM
A-Basin, CO
Crystal MT, WA
Crested Butte, CO
Jackson Hole, WY
Grand Targhee, WY
Jay Peak, VT
Whistler/Blackcomb, B.C.
La Grave, FRA
Val d'sare, FRA
Pajarito, NM
Alta, UT
Squaw, CA
Heavenly, CA
Aspen (Ajax Mt), CO
more . . .
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But what are your favorite runs at those places? With someone with your experience that should be interesting.


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Favorite Ski Areas -
Jackson Hole, Snowbird, Stowe, Lech/Zurs, AT

Favorite Groomer (trail, not machine) -
World Cup at Okemo.

Favorite Trees -
Hellbrook in Stowe OB

Favorite skis -

Favorite Bindings -

Favorite Boots -
I wish I had some

Favorite funky area -

Favorite ski lunch -
Outside bar at Hotel Krone in Lech. Also qualifies for people watching.
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Oh yeah, Favorite ski video is also - Blizzrd of Aahhs.
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favorite area, Alta UT (last year 35.00!)
Favorite runs (anything off High Traverse)

favorite local area, Sugarbowl CA (last year 2fer Wed. 25.00)
Run, overland trail and strawberry fields

Favorite instructor so far, Lyle Stewart
Most have been fantastic.

Favorite lunch, Peanut butter/jelly sandwiches/carrots that I can eat on the chairs.

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Favorite Runs: Too busy to even go there. I have fun pretty much everywhere. I don't like any runs/areas when they are croweded.

Favorite Skis: Whatever is on my feet at the moment.

Favorite Time to Ski: When everybody else is at work.

Favorite Bootfitter: The Boot Doctor, Taos NM.

Favorite Slalom Guards: Leki - Bolt on (the classic yellows).

Favorite SL face guard: Conquest

Favorite pole system: Leki Power-Strap

Fav . . . . fav . . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (fell asleep)
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This may sound strange, but my favorite skiing is at Mt. Waterman, right here in LA.
Tiny area (about 130 acres, I believe ), with a 900 vertical foot 35 degree mogul face. I just do laps on that all day. Season pass for 4 family members is $300. I'll even go on weekends, because there is usually no line for the chair that feeds the above mentioned run. It just has a certain character to it that I like. Lots of "real" skiers! (and real snowboarders too, everyone gets along there)
Of course, then there is Avalanche Chute 1 at Mammoth.....<FONT size="1">

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favorite runs are in Honeycomb Canyon @ solitude & thats all the info your gonna get

boots tecnica only since 94
only use ice usa poles
skis evoloution

favorite crumudgeon -gonz

favorite food sushi @ asakusa on the way home from #1

favorite ski bar-eric's in Aspen
bartender-fritz, see above

favorite biking: the butte ( again all the info your gonna get)

Highlands Bowl can compete with # 1 but not enough snow there
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Favorite ski area (that I've skied) - Whistler

Favorite Lift - Bell 212 (whistler Heli ski)

Favorite food - Chesapeake bay blue crabs

Favorite beer to go with favorite food - Bass or Rolling Rock (or Fat Tire, but it can't be found around here)

Favorite equipment - Dyanstar, Lange, Kerma, Look or Marker

Favorite place to have a beer and people-watch - Mums at the City Dock in Annapolis, but it doesn't exist anymore.

Favorite place at a ski area to drink and people-watch - Garibaldi Lift Co, Whistler.

Favorite restaraunt at Whistler - Mongolian Grill at the Holiday Inn

Favorite run - Anything in HArmony Bowl, Peak Chair, a bunch of stuff off Spanky's ladder, and the glade area behind Peak Chair (don't remember the name). It's all good.

Favorite ski flick - Blizzard of Ahhs

Favorite boot fitter - Greg and Scott at GMOL

Favorite instuctor - Mike Rogan

Favorite ski car - Hummer

Favorite conditions - Thigh to waist deep, 3% pow

Favorite mountain biking - Patapsco State Park - Avalon section (boo, hoo, hooo - why did I move???)

favorite bike - ?? I'll let you know in 10 years when I've gone through a few more.

Favorite thing ever - My little baby girl
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Winter skiing: anywhere in the world, I really have no favorites.

Spring skiing: the snowpile in the corner of my local K-Mart.

Equipment is equipment, I ski what I've got.

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Can I just throw this in real quick?

What the heck is a "irul&ublo"? Sounds like a Cub Scout badge?
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Favorite NYY: Don Mattingly! (Too many runners-up to list.)

Haven't been around the block skiing wise to have other favorites save this: favorite ski sight -- watching the snow cats from the outdoor hot tub.

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Good choice of NYY. My favorite is Thurman Munson, but Mattingly is probably first runner up.
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Skier: Cartman. (that lil' guy @#$%in' RIPS, *&^^#$$it!!!!!)

Food: Fire Sign Cafe, Tahoe.

Conditions: Right when the ice is gettin' the sunshine.

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Favorite ball players; The Iron Man, followed by The Undies Man (Jim Palmer)
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mtn: Alta

run: fuggedaboutit,I aint tellin

atomic, marker, tecnica, & giro

favorite ballplayer Kirby Puckett. screw the Yankees.

beverage: Guinness

favorite movie 1999

bootfitters Mike & Sam @ christy sports in Snowmass.

malt Liquor (cuz I blow) steel reserve

music: yeah right I am gonna get in to that here....
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Epic, just an asides: Thurman Munson crashed his plane about five miles from my house at Akron/Canton Airport. As a press photographer I coverd both the crash and his funeral.

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