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blotches on bases

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Uh oh, I noticed that one pair of my skis is getting thsoe dreaded chalk white blotches on the bases. I assume this is oxidation. Can I just wax over these spots, or do I first have to do something to the white blotches before I wax? What is the recommended course here? These bases are otherwise in very good shape (in terms of dings, edges, etc).
thanks for your advice
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do they look like fuzzy patches?. What techs usually tell me that is "burning" of the base due to no wax and friction. otherwise it is just oxidation. Depending on how severe the damage is you can sometimes just wax over it. If you are due for a full tune anyway, I would have a new grind/structure put on the base. Then be more diligent about waxing. A good way to check your bases every night get your hand wet or a wet rag and run it down the base. If there are places that the water does not bead on the surface it's time to put on a coat of wax..

I don't usually wait until then. I just wax every day or every other day if on only soft snow. It's all part of the daily ritual..
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Assuming we're talking about the dreaded base burn, pretty much the only way to prevent it (other than skiing in fresh pow all the time!) is to always finish up your wax job with a layer of very cold/hard wax in the middle section of the ski. Some companies now offer this wax in a powder form, which makes it much easier to apply.

Otherwise, if it's already there, nothing you can do other than a stonegrind. (Moe supposedly ruined a pair of race skis after only one run on the very hard sg course at the Norway Olympics.)
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