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PSIA Spring Fling at Vail

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I took a bump clinic at Vail April 15-16 to keep my PSIA certification. Good thing I'm obsessed with skiing bumps.

8:30 am Saturday morning, the 20 or so of us split into three groups: those who wanted to practice for their next exam, those who wanted to ski around, have fun, talk about bumps, and those who wanted to ski into a coma. I'm a 23 year old bump fanatic. I chose option 3.

Our group had 7 instructors and the examiner, who I believe is prominent in these forums, or at least on EpicSki. It was a great group. No one was too far ahead or behind the average, and we all just really wanted to ski. A lot.

I'm not going to get into every bump, turn, or trail we took on, partially because who cares and partially because I don't remember fully. But to give an idea of what we skied, one of our group members had an altimeter watch. we skied 23,000 vertical feet on Saturday, and all but 2 or 3 of those runs were bumps. Sunday we had skied 3 bowls, back to Blue Sky, and back to the front side, before lunch.

Needless to say, it was incredible. I slept like a baby for about a week afterwards. My skiing improved - they got me to move my hands apart a bit, rather than having them almost locked together in front. Good times were had by all.

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So, PJ, who was your clinician? Sounds like there was improvement... what did you examine in the skiing of the group members?
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Jenny McCarthur was our clinician.
Each member of the group had their own strengths and weaknesses, but the net sum of those made each of us very good bump skiers in our own right. I ski bumps like the east coaster that I am. I'm not always graceful, but I'm powerful and can rip a line pretty fast. Some of the others in the group were faster, some were slower, some were more graceful... Everyone had awesome tips from their own teaching experience to share with the group, not only to improve our actual skiing, but to improve our ability to teach others our craft.
was that what you were asking?
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That's it. Thanks!
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