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Skiing with beard?

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Ok, please do not laugh, I just need to ask this.

I have recently grown a short beard and I like it (and so do the girls!). Going for a week's skiing in early January I am now wondering whether it's better to shave it off for convenience and skiing performance? how will a beard stand up to the harsh mountain conditions? is it going to be messy applying suncreme?

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The best part is that ice will form on your mustache making you look like a walrus!
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Darling – Most boys generally don’t take their beards on ski trips as we only keep them around to fool the parents and office busybodies (What happens in Aspen stays in Aspen) But if you insist on taking her, they do make Bogner’s for your short friend. Don’t worry about the harsh mountain conditions – just let her use a little of your night moisturizer – I cut my with a little cucumber tonic to dull the sheen.

Have fun.
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Try asking This Guy .
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Dearest crash,

You'll be fine. You may even fit right in. Just get ready for it to hold snow. And sunscreen. If your Camelback runs dry, though, you always have easy access... [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Or you could try asking this guy

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The beauty of facial hair is that sunscreen isn;t necessary on those parts.
I used to get terrible sunburn on my lips before I had a moustach. Not a problem any more. Also, a beard keeps you warmer.(even a 5 o'clock shadow I'm told. I never shave on weekends when I'm out on the hill all day.)
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Adding a goatee has done wonders for my skiing.
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Actually, if you grow a moustache as long as SLATZ's, it will protect your top and bottom lips.....
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I've had whiskers since 1969, and have averaged 100 days a season skiing since then too. Lots of days spent in snowy conditions. The ice formations on the whiskers actually keep you warmer because they shield you from the wind. Can get a little painful if you like to get the ice off rapidly. I just grab a paper towel when I go indoors to keep the drippings off my sweater.
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Its not very well known (surprisingly, not even at Epicski), but proper consideration of facial growth is critcal to your fore-aft balance and is not to be taken lightly.

Minute whisker trimming adjustments are as imp, if not more so, than canting, and a hairs breadth can literally be the difference between being in the back seat or not.

So go ahead, experiment, discover and add a new dimension to your skiing
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(cough)Loser! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Kneale has "drippings". :
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Skiing performance? Geezuz Keeeerhist!! Grow it and don't worry about it!! Or is this beard a 3 day pass beard? How full is it? Ya gotta have the bush for skiing performance bro! Thick & full of frozen ice! (i.e. Cedric's pic) otherwise I'd shave it and be done with it. $0.02 [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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uh, fascinating, really
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posted by oboe: uh, fascinating, really
yes, oh smooth one..........
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Right you are U.P.
My standard reply to "you have ice on your moustach" is. "you just think that's ice but it'snot"
Grossed out a whole liftline at Vail once with that line.

[ December 22, 2003, 09:56 PM: Message edited by: SLATZ ]
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If it is a very frozen day be careful of the jokes. You may find that you'll crack your face : . It happened to me 30 years ago ... those who know me can tell you of the years of surgery that followed. Unsuccessfully, I might add
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Yeah, Zig, from what I remember, they seemed to put your head on upside down - or at least your hair!
With me, they just gave up.

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There's hair under that hat?
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