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Happy Birthday Klkaye!

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Happy Birthday Kiersten!
Hope you have a wickid good time and can get over to the gahden or somethin.

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Zazoo…Happy Birthday! Go out and get wickidrunk at some concert in Baahstin:
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A must jubilicious boom biddy to you!
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Happy BD 2 U!!

Have a GR8 Day Kiersten.

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Happy Happy!!!!
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gee guys thanks. I can barely believe I am 28!!!

I actually wish I'd had some of that AWESOME cake that betsy had ... man! Instead my "new year's resolution" is to get into better shape so I was at the gym and had NO cake.

I'll be in CO in July ... anyone for some "downhill drinking" in denver? (what's downhill drinking you ask? it's when you have a few too many drinks and everything seems to go downhill from there ... hahaha)
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Happy belated birthday. 28, wow, now that's old... (goes creaking off).
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Oops, we missed your big day! Busy working on our 'falling down house!' Hope it was a winner!
Greg and Nancy
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Better L8 thanever

Happy belated, you look and ski much younger than 28!

Go have a Sammie (Adams Bahstun Laahger) for me, or maybe two.

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LOL. You guys fell for that. I only wish I was 28!
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Well Zazoo, since I'm only 29, I believe you're 28!
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