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Hi All,

I am a relative newbie, having just taken up skiing last year. Anyway, my background is in climbing and mountaineering, and it is because I wanted to ski down mountains I climbed (rather than snowshoe down) that I decided to learn how to ski. So I bought myself an AT rig, which I've only used at Mammoth. I've now gotten to the point where I feel I'll be able to go out in the backcountry next season to do some easy stuff with my AT gear. However, I'd like to get a separate setup exclusively for resort skiing.

Here are my "stats": I'm 6'0" 185 lbs., I have gotten to the point where I can ski hard blues on piste. The AT setup I used this season was a pair of K2 Shuksans (181 length) and Fritschi Freeride bindings. I've not yet tried off piste skiing, but will be trying that next year. I'd like to buy a set up mainly for Mammoth, but also something that I can use at other Western resorts. As far as style of skiing, I started the year on the bunny slope, progressed to other greens, jumped up to blues making many short turns, and ended up on hard blues able to make fewer, longer turns, picking up much more speed (but always in control). I doubt I'll ever be skiing ultra agressive, but I do like the challenge of taking on progressively more difficult terrain, and I must admit I like the sensation of speed on the snow.

With all this in mind, is there any type of ski (and length?) you would recommend for me? I realize there is no substitute for trying the stuff out personally, but, this late in the season, the demo shops don't seem to have that much to choose from, and I'd really like to get a good offseason deal on some skis to use next year.

Thanks in advance for any wisdom or information you can impart. I'd really appreciate it.