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problems with boot soles, i think i used them to hard...

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so i have a pair of 2k5 technica Diablo Flame boots, i have used these boots about 10 days (so about 6 hours a day) of what i guess is hard sking...

long sotry short, the boots sole (not the insole) but the piece under the liner, has started to move around bewteen a 1/16 to an 1/8 of an inch in all directions, and in the last 2 -3 ski days, i have noticed htats it is becoming increasignly painfull to land off of jumps or drops.

the sole is a foamy cork piece that i beilve has packed down to the poiint of allowing movment in all directions.

SO i have a few questions, due most boots have a craptastic foamy cork sole? or is it this jsut boot.

also obsly i can glue them in, to get less movemnt but landing is still going ot hurt, anyone got any good fixes?

and lastly yes its not the liner, they are still very snug in all forms, nor is it the latches there still tight and snug etc...

any help greatly appreacted.

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I'm not completely clear what is moving around. There is a foot board that fits under the liner. That structure has some ramp built into it and as I recall in Technicas is loose and can be removed; while in other boots it is actually fastened in place (for example my Nordica Hot Rod board is screwed into the boot sole and has an integrated gel cushion under the heel). the fact it moves around some when the liner is not in the boot is not a problem, but it shouldn't be rattling around when you are wearing the boot. A foot board can be customized by a boot fitter, but more often they just adhere wedges or modify the shell or liner. As I recall my older technicas, the board was a cheaply made wedge, that fit loosely and could easily be removed.

The footbed fits inside the liner, under the foot and should provide arch support and cushion the heel. Stock footbeds are often replaced with custom footbeds to improve how the foot is held in the boot. If you have an all stock boot, this is probably the first place to start with an aftermarket footbed. These can be off-the-shelf or custom prepared by a boot fitter depending on your needs. I'm guessing if you are experiencing shock through the heel, or other support issues, you should be looking at a quality replacement foot bed.
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Pretty sure your boots are fine.
I'd stop hucking to flat hardpack and the pain will go away. You aren't wearing basketball shoes...
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The boot board in every boot has some degree of wiggle room, and I've not seen them pack down in the same sense that a liner packs out- even the foam ones. What sounds more likely is tht the boot was too big in the first place, and now that the liner has packed out a bit, it isn't taking up enough volume to hold the boot board in place. Whats the shell fit like?
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ok the boot fit is good from what ican tell and what im told, there is a bit more then one finger length, but not even close to 2 (so `1.5 finger lengths) im not sure how to check width, but the fitter said it should be good. the liner fits well, its snug and tight all around but not to tight, i currently have some fitted superfeet (whichever are the ones ment for sking they are green sking ones) and they have a fair amount of squish to them, i see no packing out. but how can i check the boot fit from side to side? i only see how to fit the back forth

and im not hucking to hard pack, im landing trany in 65* slush weather. i should not be feeling this, and i used to not, i used to be able to land on hard pack (not real hard) and barrely even notice, and i am wearing something, it shouldnt feel like plywood.

and so it sounds as though the foot board(what i called the sole) is supposed to move some, but i dont think it should be moving THIS much, also it is going ot pack out over time, its mayde of a foam and cork, the cork will go pretty quick, the foam may not pack ever... or it could....

BUT what it feels like, is that the liner is moving in the boot because the foot bed below it is moving around, i think this because if i put my feet in just the liners, and stand up (so there is not boot sidewalls to hold it in) it has LESS side to side play, SO even if the sides of the liner are abit packed out, they shouldnt move less when its outside of the boot, period.

and i think its also packed down because if the whole liner is sitting lower
then i might be allowing it to have more side to side play withen the boot

is this foot board moastly a technica thing? or do they only do it in there cheaper boots? i like the design of technicas boots, and wouldnt mind getting a nicer pair, but if they have these similer foot boards im moast defently going with something else.

thank you all for your insight and help. i guess its possible that i just have super thin feet*shrugs* but the boot fiter said it was good i dunno. maybe i should just get a new pair of boots, because technica says there should be any problem and its $20 for another pair of foot boards, but if there going ot pack down or whatever in 10 sking days, im done with these boots.

thank you all!

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Honestly, to me it sounds like the boots are too big somehow. The liner should not be moving at all. Generally, the boot board will be loose and rattle around when the shell is empty, but when you put the liners/feet in and tighten the buckles, there should not be any room for them to move around. Even if the boot board has some slop to move around, the liner should not. Ultimately, if you are feeling movement it's because the liner/foot is moving. Whether the boot board was tight or loose, the liner should still not be moving.
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so im alttile confused, now i understand that it may be abit over sized, but how can i check this? how can i be sure that its the size of the boot thats causeing this problem? and even more so, why does it feel like im jumping off a roof when i do 5ft jump with pure tranny in soft snow....

i understand that the liner should not move BUT if im getting LESS movement when the liner is OUT OF the boot....

but maybe thats cause the boot losses the liner up i dunno

i will go to the nearest boot fitting store tommrow, and will see if its the boot or what

thank you for the insight.

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Saber, check the shell fit without the liner. Try with and without your footbed in the shell. Boot widths vary considerably and you should feel contact on both sides in a shell fit without excessive pressure points. The Technica Diablo series liner is known to pack out and it sounds like that is what has happened to you. The boot has a LOT of forward lean built in, and that may not be helping you land airs in a way that absorbs shock well. The Diablo boot is a wider last than say a Doberman 130 or Nordica Hot Rod. Technica really changed their stance and width a few years back, and those of us that used to ski TNT Explosion series boots are now looking at Lange and Nordica to avoid the width and excessive forward lean.

A boot tech or fitter may have some good solutions for you to secure that foot board or build up a little height with a different insole to improve shock absorption and tighten the fit. Hopefully you still have plenty of adjustment left in the buckles.
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oh... well damn. theres the problem. lol. i didnt know the boot was suposed ot come very close or touch the foot when the liner was out... so yeah then the boot is defitanly to wide! i had no idea whatot look for lol.

and personaly i like the forward lean, but i stil have no problem standing strait (and landing as so)

but yeah you guys are right, the boot probly has packed out and is a tad over sized (alot on the width im guessing) but yeah that does make sense, i still dont think haveing the food board able ot move is a good idea, but im happy to know thats not the real problem (well kind of not, cause new boots arent cheap...) so thank you all very very much, i am going to the nearest good ski store, i wont be buying anything YET, but that wway ive got a better idea for next season!

ill just use the boots i got for the last bit of spring sking... and look into boots later.

one more question, the stiffer plug like boots and simieler stif race boots... how are they for jumping? ive read they have some very then liners and get cold, and i was kinda worreied that itd be like having jsut an insole for pading when i land....

again thank you ALL very very much for sorting this boot mess out for my rather newbiesh self.

thank you

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