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Vist WC race / Nordica X balance / Marker Piston

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Hey folks . The season is over for me however I am getting ready to order my next set of carving skis . I am looking at the X balace plate / piston plate or Vist wc race . Which would be the best to free ski on ? I see some great deals on the GSR and would just remove the plate and sell the skis for little to nothing as they are already super cheap .
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Free ski on a Vist WC Plate???
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I think the X-Balance plate is made by VIST. Nevertheless, I don't think you can get that exact plate as a VIST branded product. I have skied the GSR with both the Piston plate and the X-Balance and much preferred the Piston plate. It felt more balanced. How ironic is that?
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I have skied the piston plate - both the original with the white inserts and the 06 version . I thought the original was much better as the new plate with the metal on the side seems stiffer . Looking to put this plate on a pair of stockli laser GS skis .
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VIST WC Air, IMO. The piston plate is nice, but it requires Marker bindings.
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I have a plate similar to the WC Air . 17mm made for stockli only . Maybe I will move that plate over and upgrade to the salomon s916 bindings . Those 914s do tend to wiggle more than I remember .
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I like the '06 piston actually. I thought it was pretty soft compared to the WC Air and WC Race. VIST plates seem to be stiffer than most others. It only takes Marker bindings but I didn't realease from mine all season... and not from lack of trying - thats for sure. I am probably going to ski on the X-Balance for racing next year, but will keep my pistons for free skiing. I still do ski on the old Salomon PowerAxe SL plates too (on many pairs of skis I own - Nordica SLR, Elan SLX, Stockli DP Pro... not sure what else). I prefer the feel of plastic plates over metal for free ride plates.
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VIST Speedlock TT plate for freeride - 19mm for stronger skiers/ 14mm for intermediate/ advanced.

Speedlock Pro for carving/ light or junior racers, or if one wanted to stiffen up a big mountain ski ( I might experiment with my Rotors and report on the change)

Speedlock Race for a hard edge/ racing

Choose plate height to suit ability/ ski and skiing type.

If you switch to VIST Sppedlock then you can use one (6-14 or 8-16) binding for all your skis except for when switching from narrow to fat skis (>76mm) when you will have to switch in the wide model brake.

That said I get away with putting my 6-14s off my Rotors (76mm) on my DP Pros (94mm) and the brakes still flick down far enough when I crash.
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I can't really comment about the plates because I haven't tried the same ski with different plates on it. Just about Marker bindings, I have been using Comp 1800s for the past two seasons and they do not pop out more than others. I've been very satisfied with them. However, I have heard bad things about bindings lower in the lineup. To be safe, go with the all-metal race binding.
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