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And here's the same thing being done by a professional:
4 wheels good, 1 plank bad (skiers 1984)

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LOL!!!!! I love it but shouldn't the title of the article be changed to something like.......

"How to clear a path?"
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Whoever wrote this should be side-slipped over. You're killing me here!
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Shoot em, skin em and hang their greasy pelts on the barn.

Boards hell...... those are taxidermy mounts for their foul heads........ mount a few by the fireplace and it'll drive em off like wolfbane!
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Give them all a kneecapping. (and do their elbows while you're at it)

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Illegitimate sons of female dogs!
: :
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I'm glad to know its not just me....
...oh so brutally honest art thou

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ January 02, 2002 07:07 PM: Message edited 1 time, by snert89 ]</font>
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And oh yeah lets not forget the most important lesson of all...for every 100 yards you go south...take 50 yards of perfectly good powder east/west with ya too........freakin pushers!!!!!
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what is this hysteria about ??? i dont get it!!! whats the matter? wheres the fire? : : :
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Irrefutable, incontrovertible proof of what we've suspected/known all along.
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As, James has stated this is “irrefutable, incontrovertible proof of what we've suspected/known all along.” Yes we all thought that snowboarders were good for the ski industry they increased lift ticket sales, equipment manufacturers were producing new product lines and snowboarding allegedly inspired the “new school” freeriders. Bull puckey!!! I have it on good authority that snowboarding is a well-developed conspiracy to destroy the ski resort industry. Here is how and who is behind it.

The Pro-Bowlers Association in conjunction with this country's major beer producers and the Cardiologists Association have sponsored and promoted the technique as discovered by Milesb. They know that this will lead to rapidly declining conditions at your favorite resort and will decrease skier days. In the end it will be the loss of the skiers that will close resorts. Then the Pro- Bowlers Association will swoop in and buy up the bankrupt properties and turn them in to Bowling Mecca’s serving only warm Budweiser, and forcing millions of ex-skiers to wear badly designed polyester shirts. Thus saving there own dying industry by forcing million of usually fit and active people inside to smoke cigarettes, eat fatty foods and swill bad beer. This will increasing Bowlers days, beer sales and angioplasties.

Stop Snowboarders and the PBA now before it gets any worse.

Just Say No to Tongue Depressors. (JSNTD)

I’m better now

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Mmm, PowDigger, are you sure this isn't just another conspiracy?
Snowboarders like to get rid of our favorite thing - white powder.
Are there any other groups that don't want people to have white powder?
Coincidence? I think not. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the IRS was involved as well. (they don't like people having enough money to enjoy themselves)

Have you ever noticed how boarders skulk around, suddenly appear from nowhere, and stop you from doing what you were doing?
They hang around in groups, talk in strange code, always have ear pieces in, don't want to talk on lifts, and believe they are above the law.

Mmm. Makes you wonder.

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They are brainwashed from early youth, it starts with skateboards. Parents beware!
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What did you guys expect? Direct-to-carving as a first lesson on a snowboard? :
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But it's the ONLY lesson that they will ever take!
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