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FS: 158 Fischer AMC 70 (2005-06)

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Bought these for my wife for her birthday. She skied them about 5 days, then demoed the Dynastar Exclusive Legends (thanks, SierraJim!) and fell in love. So these are for sale.

158cm long, 117/70/104 (12m radius). Come with Fischer (Tyrolia) FX10 Railflex2 bindings, which are remountable without drilling.

Fischer says about the 2006-07 skis (2005-06 is the same ski with different graphics): "Intermediates will find the AMC70 lighter and providing a quicker turn than most of its competitors. The GlassFiber Chassis reduces swingweight while the sidecut makes for easy entry into the turn. The ideal ski for an aspiring cruiser/carver. The turning radius is the shortest/quickest of the group...."

What looks like Fischer's copy for the 2005-06 generation says: "Developed as a cross between our popular and award winning RX Series (Race Bred All Mountain) and our new Maori Series, these four models will blow the mountain (and the competition) away. AMC skis vary in waist width from 79mm to 70mm, and all the models will be offered with our Integrated Railflex2 System. The shapes are built to accommodate every level of skier from the expert ripping through the back bowls of Vail to the Vermonter dodging the glades of Stowe, to intermediates skiing varied snow conditions. The skis are engineered to ‘cross over’ from powder to groomed conditions and for this reason are the perfect skis for anywhere in the country. Experience the whole mountain with possibly… the best skis ever built!" Boy, that's some breathless hype.

The Fall 2005 issue of SkiPress rated it a Best Buy and said: "Forget slow. Forget calm. Forget humble. Fischer’s AMC 70 is bred to be fast, reared to be furious. Women liked it; men loved it. At speed, the ski will take on anything you want: bumps, crud, trees, small buildings. It’s got awesome edge hold and stability. It wolfs down soft snow like a hungry animal. Women had to wrestle this wild thang to the ground to make it ski short turns. But when ridden swiftly in long, lightning-quick turns, this fearsome creature is a force to be reckoned with." Hmmm. Almost as hype-filled as Fischer's own schpiel. The Skipressworld 2007 test rated the AMC 70 as a Best Buy: Carver Sport.

Realskiers.com says: "Excellent, non-demanding tool for level 6 and 7 skiers who are improving skills and beginning to venture off-piste and into 3-D terrain."

Ski-depot.com was clearing them out for $439. Overstock was clearing them out for $330, but they're sold out too. Of the places I can find that have them in stock, Proctor Jones appears cheapest at $499, if you're so inclined.

So $200 seems fair, including bindings; tell me your BSL, and I'll adjust them for you, although you'd still need to take them to a shop for forward pressure adjustment, function check and indemnification. Shipping would be actual, including packaging costs if any, or you can pick up in the Bay Area or next year in Tahoe. If you're not in a rush (and presumably, you're not), we might be able to work something out, depending on where you are, with personal delivery via your or my friends and family network.

Topsheet pics:

Base pics, with summer storage wax. Sorry, I should've taken the pics before waxing, but forgot. I believe that the deepest scratch is on the left ski in the last two pics.

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Evening bump....
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Next evening bump.

FYI, I took a look at the skis again, and that scratch I identified is indeed the only significant one I can see. I don't think it would be noticeable from a performance standpoint, and a tune should take it right out.
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Almost-fall bump for a teenage or female improving intermediate/advanced skier looking for a sweet deal..
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Right-on-the-edge-of-fall bump.
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