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Things NOT to bring to a ski area...

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At Whistler-Blackcomb today, after skiing I was going on passegiatta through the village, and was struck by a couple of incongrous items worn/carried by visitors. I'm wondering if anyone else has stories of really out of place apparel/stuff worth sharing.

First, as I'm walking along Village Stroll I see a woman of a certain age, wearing of all things a Hunter Mountain vest. Now why would you come to arguably the best ski area in North America (and certainly on anyone's top 10 NoAm list), wearing apparel from that rathole? Kind of thing that gives New Yawkers a bad name IMHO, but kinda funny too, I almost laughed in her face.

Then, I'm at Cows (the famous Whistler Ice Cream joint) getting a much deserved cone, waiting in the always-long line, when in walks a woman carrying a cone from Baskin-Robbins. She promptly gets into the line for souveniers of Cows. Could have had far better ice cream and bought the chachkas (sp?) at the same time.

Somebody call the clue train...
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As he rubs it in a bit more! BTW, I just spoke to Mark, and he is staying at the Executive Inn, which was where we were supposed to stay right before my dad passed away, and we had to cancel the trip. They immediately refunded our money, even though it was well afr the cancellation deadline. According to Mark, their customer service is quite excellent.

My city your mountain, stay with me stay.....
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A few years ago, I was organizing a ski trip for a large group of friends and families and was asked by several first-timers about what to wear skiing. Instead of answering each questions individually, I made a small web page with the typical "Layer...avoid cotton...etc." advice. At the end, though, I made a list of some things NOT to wear. It was a bit harsh but everyone asking knew to take the edge off of most of what I say Here are some highlights:

1. While your huntin' and fishin' gear may have Gore-tex in it, you will look like an idiot if you wear camoflage or blaze orange skiing.
2. Marlboro, NASCAR, or NFL football team jackets have pretty much the same effect.
3. Blue jeans and red bandanas went out in the 70's. Let's leave them out, OK?
4. Cowboy hats look rediculous on cowboys. Imagine how rediculous they look on you
5. World Cup Downhillers need aerodynamic skin suits to reduce drag. You don't need one to skid down the green runs.
6. You don't take fashion advice from your 15 year old snowboarder at home, so why would you dress like him on the mountain? Please make sure your pants fit because no one cares that you're wearing Tommy boxers.
7. Neon is dead and buried. I'm sorry you spent $1100 on that flourescent orange and green one-piece in 1986, I really am, but you shouldn't be wearing it now, should you? Let it go.
8. Yes, they make hats in adult sizes with faux moose antlers, dreadlocks, and viking horns but that doesn't mean adults should wear them.
9. That tassle made up of old lift tickets hanging off the zipper of your jacket isn't impressing anyone and just holds up the lift line while the checker shuffles through them to figure out which one to punch. Pull the old ones off please. If you're that insistent on letting the lift operator know you've skied Hunter 4 times this season, then just tell him.
10. Just because it's warm enough to ski in a bikini doesn't mean you should. Bikinis are a privilege, not a right.

Pretty funny that Hunter came up again
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That is classic...should be in ski magazine!
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That was hilarious! Its funny to see people dressed in cotton on the slopes and the snowboarders who can barely ride because of their baggy pants.... What makes me groan even more though, are the people on greens who ride x-screams or AK launchers ( I want a pair of those) snowplowing... grrrrrr
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You guys have no sense of fashion! Check out the everyday ski attire of the guy who runs the Ski Vermont email list...

Of course, that's a list full of pinnas and they don't call duct tape "Vermont Bogner" for nuthin'!


Killington - home of the Giants NFL Starter Jacket
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Skibunny, ROFL!!! When I first started skiing and wanted my own skis, Mark was trying to talk me into x screams. I was thinking no way was I going to wear a ski with that name while I was still using beginner technique!

My city your mountain, stay with me stay....
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Yo! Yous guys betta not be makin' funna Huntuh man.
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you shouldn't bring dogs... cause of their poop....

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I was so amused with myself I double posted... duh!<FONT size="1">

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I changed my post.

Who am I to tell someone about their equipment.

"If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad..."
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I know it is all in good humor, and I'm not above making sarcastic remarks on others attire, but….
Some folks have to economize to pay bills and get their kids up on the mountain too. One friend is an ex-racer with 10 year old gear and excellent form. Her 8 year old daughter is fearless and skis the entire mountain (gracefully). They bring bag lunches and have ratty old gear. Dad wears a horrible black one-piece with day glow pink and turquoise trim. But they are raising the most adventurous, inquisitive and entertaining kids I've ever known.

Also, we have an airbase close by. Many airmen show up in the Starter/NASCAR jackets or cammo Gore-Tex outerwear. Yeah, they look silly, but they are scraping by on meager wages, serving our country and trying something new. Props to the 19 year old guy from Georgia who is eager to come on up and try and learn skiing for the first time.

I've stopped to chat with a 78 year old farmer who was face-down in the snow wearing cotton coveralls with Olins and 222 bindings. This tough old fart had hips that were atrophied to the point where he had to release both skis in order to stand up, step in and keep going down the mountain - said it happens all the time. He had the biggest snot-ball hanging from his nose and was just laughing, chatty and happy as all get.


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You must be slacking Jim, last time I checked you were better than 98% of us.
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I have to agree with the clothing comments. If it keeps you warm and safe, what's the difference.. You may look out of place but if you are wearing that smile.... That's all that matters
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things not to bring to a ski area:

Your non-skiing girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband.
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Hey Pierre! that arctic sheep fleece inside that yeti leather suede hat keeps my bald head nice and warm and everyone recognizes me in it for the last forty years.

And on any ski day, anywhere, there are at least a couple of comments on the hat. So far just curiously complementary. I just tell them it is a go-fast hat and if you wear one you better live up to it

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Hey, i wanna go-fast hat! where can I get one?

ok, so the racing skin-suits are out, how about regular plain strech ski pants? I bought a pair this spring for rediculous amounts of money (id been eyeing them all season)and got mixed reviews, from the "you're a FREAK" looks in the lodge to my lesson where my pro paid more attention to "form" than ever. (and I wanted to work on blocking pole plants....)so whats up with those, In or Out? I like them.

You know, I read in some ski rag last year, something about how at least ONCE in your life you should ski Aspen in an old hockey jersy and camoflage pants...I think that sounds like fun....
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LindaA- For a chick, the stretch pants are DEFINITELY in, but thanks for asking.
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Make sure to wear your hockey mask doing those blocking pole plants. Or maybe goalie gloves.

Warren Miller wrote in ski magazine that stretch pants should come back.
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A great skier can wear anything and it wont matter. Can you imagine someone with hair like Plake wedging their way down a green run?

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Roto-is that some kind of smart a** comment on my pole plants? whadda they call them where you come from? you know, the hard ones you use in the steeps....if i wear those stretch pants again I just may have to wear the goalie mask and gloves...

Did anyone catch the "Atmospheres" show on the weather channel (it was on tonight 4th)- where they talked alot about Steamboat, and other ski areas in colorado? they had a part about ski patrol that was cool, but they had this guy on there who had been snowboarding for eleven years, and STARTED when he was 74! (so that makes him (let me take off my shoes)85 now, they call him "banana" and he had QUITE the outfit on....love those fury mittens. he was damned good too...

why is it the better people ski the weirder they dress?
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Things Not to bring to a ski area...
A hangover.
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things not to bring to a ski area:
lap tops.
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One should be proud of ones home ski area, whether its a 200 vert T-bar hill or a 4000 vert monster...
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On white out and blizzard conditon type days, the hat to have is the Mad Bomber ! Otherwise, it looks absurd !The leather version has a certain panache'.<FONT size="1">

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You know, I've often wanted a leather bomber hat. I looked in Army Surplus, no luck.

Can anybody help?

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Try these links to see if they are what you're after.
http://www.pgwing.i12.com/prods/p3-4.JPG http://www.pgwing.i12.com/prods/p3-5.JPG

and just for fun... http://secure.sovietski.com/cgi-bin/...iew/300118&2D5 http://secure.sovietski.com/cgi-bin/...ct/View/200632

Happy headwarming.<FONT size="1">

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Your girlfriend........... if your wife is going to be there? Just kidding.

If the fashion police are going to be at one of these gatherings..... I'm in big trouble!
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That soviet paratropper helmet is just my style :}
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Tom K,

You are the man! I could kiss ya! I've been looking for that bomber hat for like a year, now!

I sent them an email asking how to order. I hope they're around.


Thanks a ton! Beers are on me!<FONT size="1">

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