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Kudos to Smith

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To Smith for support of its products.

I've reported previously that I've found the Smith turbofan OTG goggle to be the only thing that really works for me in preventing my glasses from fogging inside the goggle.

I've had Smith's turbofan goggle since 2003. I bought a second goggle last season after my original had the battery pack broken one really cold day by a student's ski pole while we were boarding a chair for the first time.

This spring I learned that Smith has a repair program, so I sent them my original goggle with its broken battery pack and the second one because its fan never operated as well as the first.

They returned my second one with a completely new fan assembly the other day. Yesterday I received a completely new goggle to replace the original with the broken battery pack.

No charge for either goggle!!!

I particularly like that the newest battery pack is half the size of their earlier versions. It now takes only one battery, but the other with two batteries would last for weeks in day-long use, so I don't anticipate having just one battery being a problem.
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I've returned sunglasses to them twice after sitting on them or dropping them and both times have gotten brand new pairs for no charge. Their goggles are the only ones I've ever had that didnt break or scratch to the point of unuseability in the course of a season. They're truly on top of their game- why anyone would buy anything else is beyond me, especially since they have double the number of frame sizes and shapes than any other manufacturer.
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Thanks for posting this.
My husband has two sets of smith turbo goggles with broken battery packs. He has used his for dirtbiking, and has abused them terribly but has had a harder time finding a replacement that fits his motocross helmet as well as the old style. Maybe he can send them both in and get the battery pack replaced so he can keep his old style goggles.

Kudos for Smith indeed!
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Go to their warranty page http://www.smithoptics.com/warranty.html and click on the link to their warranty form that's in the second paragraph. Tells you what to write and where to send the goggles.
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Great Canadian Experience!

This past season I have sent in two different pairs of Smith Turbo Fan OTG goggles for warranty repair (both my son & I wear glasses) to the Smith Distributor in Quebec. In both cases the goggles were simply replaced with a brand new pair. As a bonus, the turn-around time was less than 10-days. I highly recommend the Smith brand to anyone looking for quality goggles. Great products with an outstanding warranty!

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Smith goggles are the best out there nothing else compares.

anyone want some Oakley wisdoms?
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