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I need a backpack

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For a 2 week trip to europe... Nothing too technical... Just lots of space for clothing...

Kelty Red Cloud, Gregory Denali, Arcteryx Bora, Marmot Terraplane...

Any suggestions ... Thanks
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Keep am eye on SAC.
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The Osprey Crescent might be another good option to check out.
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Are you going to be just using it as a travel bag or will it see a lot of time as an actual trail pack?

The down side to a trail pack for travel is that whatever you need is always in the bottom and all that crap has to come out to get to it.

Check out some of the North Face and other brands that have side zips as well as outer compartments (some have wheels and handles). The full zip allows you to open it up for easy access as well as back pack straps for hands free carry.
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What ^he^ said.

Trail packs are not going to be as airline-durable & you're hosed for pickpockets in an urban setting/bus/rail station.
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Thanks for info.... This will be just for travel... Walking around town, getting to hotels, airports etc....

The Kelty Red Cloud looks good.. Lots of pockets and seperate sections......
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Check out the sale packs at mgear.com.
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I use The North Face. very durable.

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