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The ooops list

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A321 crosswind .... :

I was on a flight like that and didn't realize the crosswind component till about mid way down final. The only problem here was that I was a passenger looking out the port windows of a 757, but it looked like I was in the left seat! I'm watching the "rabbits" and the centerline and the wings are rocking like mad and Im thinking this is one ..... hell, this is time for a "go round" and don't look back!

He did stick it on the ground ..... somehow .... skid and sway ... with the alierons full cocked to keep the wing down.

Two more flights tried and couldn't then the red went on on the tower.

Fun site ... thanks ..
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Crosswind landings were a staple of Pilgrim Airline's approach into Groton, CT. DeHaviland Twin Otters with fixed landing gear, coming in sideways, looking out your side window up the runway and then six feet off the ground the pilot swings it back straight and drops onto the tarmack.
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This is humor?
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Originally Posted by oboe View Post
This is humor?
Some are definitely not humor. Some of the pictures, like where some clown hand-propped a twin and it sliced up everything else in the hangar, or where a mechanic forgot to set a parking brake and the plane rolled over an emabnkment were pretty funny. I wasn't sure where to post it.
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