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Positive Feedback

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It's important to leave positive feedback for successful ebay transactions:
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LOL, too funny.
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Yes, very funny. Even better if you click on some of the items (pipes, collectibles). Must be some sellers out there scratching their heads over the disconnect... but happy to have pos feedback!?
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"...I feed it Tuna fish sandwiches for irony."

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It's certainly a unique take on the usual "A+++++++++ awesome E-bayer" that people leave as feedback.
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Too funny! I just posted that link in a Pilot' s forum.
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Those are all FBs they left for others.
Wish I had the courage and lack of professionalism to leave some like that myself.
Maybe with a new ID.
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I looked at some of the older feedback that were just normal. Must have gone off his meds about August of 2003. Then they start to get interesting.

I love it. How many people ever read the damn things. This guy must have a great sense of humor.
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I wanna sell something to that guy just so I can get some of his hillarious F/B!
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After making a few recent ebay purchases, I remembered today to check in on our pipe-collecting ebay feedback comic.

Man, he finds some weird stuff to buy:

And, of course, some more funny feedback:

"Package was sent via DOG SLED which, considering I live in GA, is no SMALL feat."
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Maybe Phil can work this one into his sig:
according to the vet, the 'bulldog puppy' you sold me was a 14 Yr-old PUG!
I kind of feel sorry for any sellers who actually read his feedback...
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This is the one I liked:

"Now that I have CARBON CREDITS, I don't feel as bad when I beat my wife! A+"
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ditto 4cznskier
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Link to this guy in YOUR feedback!
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Bump. He's still at it.
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glad to see someone taking ebay seriously
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hopefully no one minds excessive posts in the humor section
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I guess I can try one more thread
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Originally Posted by T-Square View Post
Bump. He's still at it.

Thanks for bumping this as I missed it the first time. I laughed so hard I hurt.
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Yup. Still at it.

inflatable doll? Use helium? You, my friend, have revolutionized my sex-life!

And, of course, his replies to feedback left for him:

Your One Funny Person and a Total Pleasure To Deal With! Best Customer Ever! A++

Reply by tryork5ifp (Sep-12-07 18:51):

I'm funny how? Like a clown? I'm here to amuse you?...
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What I love is that the buyers are starting to get into it with him. Very interesting and funny comments on both side. They do the set up and he hits the punchline.
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Originally Posted by LewBob View Post
Thanks for bumping this as I missed it the first time. I laughed so hard I hurt.

Aaah... You and me both. What a trip! I'm dyin' here.
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Seller: fri_bree ( 932)

nice person ,fast payment .no problem ,always welcome back~ .^__^

Reply by tryork5ifp (Dec-03-07 10:48):

don't EVER leave me one of those ^__^ . . . . .. I HATE ^__^!!!!!!

Seller: colwright ( 400)

World Famous is the best and he knows his pipes

Reply by tryork5ifp (Nov-28-07 13:33):

in think you meant 'my pipe'...........& yes, its made me WORLD FAMOUS!

Seller: sterlingcrew5 ( 160)

Thank you for the fast payment!! Welcome back anytime!

Reply by tryork5ifp (Nov-08-07 19:46):

I'll be back!. . . How's next tuesday, 3pm? I'll bring the midget this time, OK?
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He's still at it.
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Originally Posted by T-Square View Post

Bump. He's still at it.

And again Bump it.  Almost 2 years later. 

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