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Chuck Tolton

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I read that Chuck Tolton, recently at Keystone, has moved to PingTian Resort in China. What's up with that?

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cross link web page from Hong Kong

But where did you get that information about Tolton has moved to Pingtian?
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No sh*t? That seems kind of odd to me.

For some background, Chuck was (is?) the Mountain Ops director at Keystone for the past 6.5 years. Previous to that he was the Ski Patrol director at Copper and a 20+ year employee there.

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Hi Brian,
How do you know about Chuck?
I took a lesson from him years ago and have often wondered what he's up to.
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If you search the web using his name, there is a lot about him, nothing says he has moved to China, nevertheless.
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But if you search for Ping Tian, you find this article about experienced
people jumping from CO to new overseas markets:
which may be where the OP read it in the first place.
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Originally Posted by mdf View Post
But if you search for Ping Tian, you find this article about experienced
people jumping from CO to new overseas markets:
which may be where the OP read it in the first place.
Nope, that article ran today, and mentions both McCarthy and Tolton.
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perhaps it become official today, previously, it had mentioned his resignation, there is no indication where is he moving to.
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Originally Posted by Clarke View Post
Hi Brian,
How do you know about Chuck?
I knew him from Copper. We only overlapped by about a year, but he was a really good guy. He left at exactly the right time for exactly the right reasons. He was also a friend of my old boss.

The reason I was surprised at the mention of this is that I had heard Chuck was thinking of retirement.
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Now Billy Mattison is also going...Looks like real....
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I heard that Pingtain (China) ski area has been "delayed" because not enough investments... Anyone heard about what happed to Tolton and his gangs?
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Chuck didn't get the COO job at Keystone in spite of being a solid figure in the upper management and getting a lot of cool stuff accomplished for Keystone.

I figure he didn't get the job because too many employees really loved and respected that guy. Add to that the fact that he's a meteorologist, 'troller extraordinaire, great communicator and has forgotten more about what makes a ski resort run than his peers at Keystone will ever know.

Guys like that don't get promoted in the corpy world. Right?

I hear he's going to live with his team in China yurts. How cool is that?
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yurts are in Mongolia, in Xinjiang you live "on the snow"
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xinjiang has recently upgraded their architectural review process to allow wodden floors.
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yea, they will be living in teepees.
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This is an old thread, but has anyone got any update on this? 

Is this resort up and running and worth going?

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It's not up and running at all.  It's been delayed time and time again and I don't think it's close to opening at all. 

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I ran into Chuck Tolton a couple days ago in the Target store in Silverthorne (Colorado). We had very little time to chat, but he did tell me that the China project is still on, and that he had a big meeting to attend about it coming up very soon. I regret that we did not have much time to really catch up.

Chuck is one of the real good guys. As a previous poster has noted, he has always carried an incredible amount of respect from virtually all who work with him, at any level. I will not speculate on what happened at Keystone, but I will agree that, in his tenure there as Mountain Manager, Chuck made some great things happen. It was a shock and disappointment to me when he left--even though as an instructor, I did not work in his direct department.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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