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Atomic Metron M9

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I am 6'1" and about 190 pounds. I would consider myself an intermediate to advanced skiier. I love carving the groomed trails but also get off piste a fair bit. I ski quite fast on groomed blue trails and am quite confident on the steeper black runs. I have previously skied on Saloman Scream 8 and Salomon Crossmax (both hired) in 170cm.

I very much enjoyed both these skis but thought a little more edge and a smaller turning radius would be nice on the steeper stuff.

I have been looking at the Atomic Metron M9s. Atomic says I should go for a shorter ski (such as the 164) than normal but many others say I should be skiing the 171. I have always skiied 170-175 skis.

Is this a good ski for me or is it too advanced?? What are your thoughts on size???
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The 9 is a real nice ski, but i don't think it is enough ski for you. I would suggest the 10, same dimensions but a beefier construction. Also, do go with the 171. I would also add the M11-B5 to your shipping list, not quite the short TR of the 9 or 10 but a much nicer ski
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I don't believe I'm saying this but I agree with Phil on the M10. Oh god, here I go again agreeing with him. It sounds like your not ready for a shorter ski yet. You sound tentitive.

If you get the B5 you will want it in 162cm. I'm 190lbs 5'11" I ski the B5 in 162as well as the Rossi Z9 and Z11 in 162. The 170's I find slow and difficult to turn. Yet my Volkl AC4 I love in the 170cm.

I understand your new to the forum. Welcome.

If your ready to take your skiing to a higher level you may want to open your mind to other skis. When you get a new ski you may want to take a lesson or two and tell the instructor what your goals are.
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Roginator, welcome, I am 5'10", 180-190lbs. I have skied the 9 in a 164 for the past 2 seasons. probably 6-7 level advancing intermediate. I enjoy the 9s in that size. I have gone to a wider ski for Tahoe and so my 9s are listed for sale in the ski swap section. If you decide on that ski. Oh and welcome to EpicSkiForums, a GREAT PLACE!
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I'm not so sure that you need more ski than the M-9, but if you think that you do, I have the '06 M-10 for $279 without bindings. After you fetch up a binding somewheres you will be at about the same price as an M-9 systrem. I'd suggest the 171 as the more useful length in either.


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I have a pair of 171cm 2005 Metron 10s available if you are interested. Bought them for $275 shipped from another member here and would sell them to you for the same price.

I haven't even skied them yet but am considering getting a bit wider all mountain ski like the K2 Public Enemy to go along with the Fischer RX8 that I recently purchased. I feel like the Atomic and the Fischer are a bit too similar.

Only skied about 5 times and in great shape.

They include the Neox 310 binding.

PM me if you are interested and would like some pictures.

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I am 6' 175# probably about a 7, medium/advanced intermediate i would guess, have the M-9 in 171, bought last year. Demo'd both the 164 and 171 and felt the 171 was "better" overall. Honestly couldn't tell much difference, but on the 164's I hit a couple 'snow snakes' on one run and blamed the skis!. I really like them, don't ski much except a week at Breck and some pre Breck tune ups on crappy Ohio "hills". Bought them in summer 06, and used them this Jan. for a week and was very happy.
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Good answer SJ. I'm 180 & 5'10" and such @ skiing on a 171cm M9. Best $ buy. Lessons are a better investment than skis.
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