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Forearm gaurds

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Ive been searching for some forearm protection for slalom racing and have only seen the very expensive slytech units. So I stepped into a sporting goods super-store and looked at what they had to offer for soccer, hockey, football, and all the other other sports. Man do they have some awesome stuff for soccer.....it baffles my mind how Nike and Addidas can make incredibly well designed and wonderful looking protective gear and charge such reasonable prices meanwhile ski race outfitters want $100+ for a stupid piece of plastic. I dont care if the ski market is smaller, maybe its because the gear is so expensive that the market isnt bigger! I would rather bash my arms than pay $100 for such a simple accessory. Heck for less than $100 I can go and buy some carbon fiber fabric and resin and make the most awesome made-to-fit gaurds around and have the satisfaction that I made them myself!

I found a great set of children's soccer shin gaurds that cost around $20 and fit on the forearm as if they were made for that. They look and feel great! Had these been made by a ski outfitter they would probably want $300 for them. Go get em guys and gals.
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Are they the kind with a strap that goes arround the ancle?
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Yes, they have several different styles with more or less protection and with removable padding and such. The ones I am picking up have a removal ankle portion, like I said they fit as if made for the forearm.
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I've been using jr soccer shin guards as forearm guards for many years. Paid about $10 dollars for them and they have always worked very well. They have the stirrup on them so they already have a nice thumbloop. I also started using some vollyball foam knee pads as a hip point pad where I was tapping the gates and have since eliminated the "bruise" my wife hated so much.

On the reason ski race products cost so much is volume. Look at how many kids play soccer, and look at how many people seriously ski race. Yes the ski companies could sell the product much much cheaper, but would they last very long? My opinion is prolly not.
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I dont know, the gaurds I saw made by Nike and Addidas were as well if not better made then any of the racing gear I have and I have only top of the line stuff, Leki, Reusch, Dianese etc.
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Nike and Adidas manufacture their products in massive Asian factory complexes. Slytech is a small operation based out of Italy. In North America, it's a one man operation. Obviously, they can't and never intended to compete at the same volumes and price points as global conglomerates. Like it or not, ski racing is a niche market and the participants are willing to pay premiums for high $$$ gear. That has been the case even when cheaper alternatives are available.
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