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Boot fitting question

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My girlfriend has a pair of Lange Comp 100 LF boots. They didn't fit her, so we got her a new set... After reading a whole lot on boots, I realized that with a little fitting, the boots may work for her... and have a more performance fit than her other boots.

So, this is for a good boot fitter..... The only 'hot spot' she has is on her inner foot... I had her outline where it hurt and I took a picture of her foot... She also said that it scrunches her toes a bit, but the shell fit of the boots is fine.

So, here are my questions...
1. I've been told by a bootfitter that does VERY basic work, that they can't stretch boots in that location... Is it possible to stretch/grind/etc... there to get a decent fit.

2. For that area and the toe issue to be fixed, about how much would it cost. I bought the boots for her online (I know, bad idea..) so I'll have to pay for any alterations...

3. Anyone recommend a bootfitter close to Morgantown, WV (Pittsburgh PA or Deep Creek Lake MD area) that would be able to fit these boots for her?

Thanks in advance...
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Centerski in Monroeville, PA maybe able to help you out.
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1) yes, very minor work

has she skied them? go ski them first and see what problems happen after, most issues go away after a few hours on the mountain....

remove stock footbed and install a more suportive one. that will shorten the foot most of the time.

THEN go see a boot fitter if she still has issues.
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Where on her inner foot?
At the top/ inside of the arch, Navicular bone?

Does her arch flatten out when she weights her foot?

If this is the scenario supporting the inside of her heel will correct the inner foot pressure and toe issues in one shot.
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Oh..crap... here's the picture.. my bad...
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She can't stand wearing the boot for more than 10 minutes, so I don't think skiing it will work... I have a feeling that thinning out the liner (had this done in my boot to accomdate my bunion) and some shaving/stretching will work, but the guy we talked to said that since it is near the overlap of the boot, that it won't help... It seems to me that it is more near the joint of the boot cuff and the foot-area... where the bolt at teh ankle is...
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