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Head IM72 Any deals? Should I buy?

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I have heard amazing things about this ski and am convinced that this ski might be the right one for me. My mantra and the mantra of many others in this forum is demo, demo, then demo some more. However, I am close to throwing that out the window due to the fact that one, this ski will be discontinued next year, and two, I honestly don't agree with the wider is better trend which is where all the brands are going. Is this ski right for me and at what length? I ski Volkl V2 carvers at 162 now.

My ideal ski would be a ski in the lower to mid 70mm width range that is great at carving(still what I love), tolerant of a range of skiing input(as I will not be skiing full force all day), stiff enough to take some high speed runs and not so stiff where I can't relax. The ski I have now, while amazing for the time that I have had it, is very squirley when I notch up the speed and take it into anything other than groomed conditions. I am looking for a smooth, somewhat energetic, stable and forgiving ski. I am 5'7" or 5'8" depending on the shoes I am wearing.(5'7" without) I am 160# and a solid level 6, gravitating to level 7.

To sum up: Should I buy the Head IM72? Which size?(I ski predominately groomed with the expectation that I will be running into some powder when I move out West) Any deals on these skis? Thanks!
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Give Scott at village bike and Ski a call 541-593-2453. Also Sierra Jim. I dont' have his #. The 72 is a great ski and at your weight, you will get decent float for moderate loose and powder but still have a great carving ski. It's not overly demanding and is a great "learning" Ski. Head is discontinuing the 72 so if you can probably get it for a good deal. Match it with a Ld12 binding.
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From Dawgs reviews as well as others on the site, it seems to be a pretty good ski for a developing skier. However, just because it is last years skis, doesn't mean that you will no longer be able to find it. You will most likely be able to find a pair on the classifieds here or even e-bay.

If you had demo'd other skis this year and could elaborate on what you liked about them and what you didn't, then it would be a little easier say whether or not the ski is for you. When I demo'd a few models this year, I thought one of them I was going to love, when in fact, I didn't.
And based off of my demoing experience, I spoke with Scott and he was able to help guide me in the right direction for what ski to buy now that the season is over and can no longer demo.

If I can remember correctly, you will be moving to CO soon. If that is the case, Loveland has a huge demo day at the beginning of the season. My advice would be to get in very good shape prior to the season and demo the crap out of skis that day. Once you find a ski that you have liked, you will most likely be able to find a similar ski from last year at a great price. If money is no object, then buy new. Just my $.02.
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For comparison's sake, I have been on a few skis(other than my own) in the past couple years. Most recently, I have had three days experience on Volkl AC3's at a length slightly above 162.(sorry can't remember exactly) What I enjoyed about this ski was the stability and smooth power that it provided in plowing through crud and powder. It held very well on hardpack and felt like a train, steam rolling over everything. What I did not particularly care for from this ski was the weight and the stoutness of this ski. To the point I mentioned earlier about it being a train...while strong and stable, it felt like a train to get moving. It took some speed to get it to carve and cooperate the way I wanted it to. A couple times I was going so slow that I almost ran into my brother with no apparent control. This factor can be explained most likely by my weight(160) and my need to go faster to get it going. All in all, this was a good ski for the time that I had it. Also, the one time I did take it in the back bowls of Vail, it was incredibly difficult to manage. It felt like the ski had a mind of its own, leading me into the trees...

I also got to demo Rossi Zenith Z9 oversize skis at I believe 170 a couple years back. This ski, in comparison to the Volkl AC3 was far easier to turn and I remember it mostly for its forgiveness, "ease of use" and the fact that it was fun and stable. What I did not like about it was its lack of character and energy. It seemed to be more of a forgiving and lower performance ski, although still fully capable.

I also got to demo Atomic Metrons at 162 i think a couple years back. These skis at the time literally felt like two snowboards on both feet. This is probably due to the fact that they were my first experience with wide skis. The tune left something to be desired as well. Or maybe it was the fact that this ski was "beefier" than I was used to at the time and once again, due to my weight it took more effort to get some character and cooperation out of it. I particularly enjoyed this skis apparent "fun" factor. It floated through crud and any powder I encountered, which was not much. To its credit, it had a ton of people in line to demo it that day.
What I did not appreciate once again was its weight.

I hope this provides some insight into what I have enjoyed out of the few skis that I have demoed. Where is Loveland in relation to Denver?(where I will be living) I think in the end I will as you say, "ski the crap" out of the demos that day.
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Both the '06-'07 [blue] and the '05-'06 [red] are the same ski. You should be able to get a deal but definately check out Dawgcatching or Sierra Jim. from this site first.
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The iM72 is a great ski. Very competent in a wide range of conditions, stable at speed and pretty forgiving. I used them as my only ski this season and no complaints. Mine are the red/orange '06 model. The blue/orange '07 ones are almost the same except they have the "liquid metal" upgrade. I doubt there would be much difference. I'd say go for it!
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If anyone could compare the Head IM72 to a Volkl AC3 that would help immensely! I have been on the AC3 extensively during my last visit to Vail...
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I would call Scott at Village Bike and Ski. I would be willing to bet that he has skied the AC-3 and could give you a good comparison. I believe he works on Thurs, Sat, Sun, and Mon. Or you could send him a PM.
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I am not a Head dealer but have skied the iM72 several times. I think it is very good ski for it's price range and positioning but it is not the same level of ski as the AC-3. Given your misgivings about the AC-3 (too stiff) and the possible lack of availability of the AC-3 at this time of year, I think the iM72 might make a good choice.

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Recently came across a website that is labeling the Head IM72 as:

100% all-mountain agility

23% freestyle

80% groomed

80% ungroomed

They rated each category separately on a scale of 0-100%(100 being the best) Hence, the reason that the percentages don't add up. Does this seem inline with the true ability of this ski?
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Read my post in your moving to Colorado thread...
I think the im72 is exactly what you are looking for..
I wanted a ski that will perform but does not require constant attention...
I can ski relaxed or press, it makes no difference with these skis...
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Thanx, I saw that...i feel bad that i have two threads on essentially the same topic...:
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