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Dear SNOtrainers:

Think of yourself as a statistic!

Some days it's just gonna hurt.


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Originally Posted by SNOtrainer View Post
Hello fellow snow gliders!

There has been an interesting shift in threads over the past few months.

Early in the season, many of the threads were related to fitness and health...how to ski better, stronger legs/core and the prevention of injuries.

Dominating the discussion board now are bunch of injuries.
This question was also asked by Baja in another thread. In case you didn't notice, we changed the name of the Forum from Fitness and Training to Fitness, Injury and Recovery. This was done January 28, after Bonni's accident, and with increasing interest in the topic from Noodler's and Faisasy's injuries and the thread by VSP on the re-emergence of boot top fractions. We didn't have a place to discuss the recovery from ski accidents, and it seemed that fitness and injury prevention, went hand in hand with injury rehabilitation. So in reply to your question, the injuries have probably always been there, but we created a central location for their discussions. Kind of a build it and they will come.

Originally Posted by Baja View Post
I had a nice little chat this morning with one of our fitness professionals who posts here. We found it interesting how most of the discussion on this sub-forum revolves around "injury" much more so than "fitness" or "health" or "wellness."

Granted, fitness and injury (and their causes and effects) don't necessarily go hand-in-hand. But there is an obvious relationship between the two, and it seems that "fitness talk" is being left out in the cold here. In fact, if it wasn't for Lisamarie and Alex (SNOtrainer), I suspect that the only conversation here would be injury and recovery.

Anybody have any idea why that is?

Here's what I think:

As a healthcare professional who deals with health enhancement and maintenance, I find that good vibrant vigorous health, wellness, and fitness are all pretty boring to the general public. Let's face it... they don't make any primetime TV shows about it.

The human body isn't wired to "feel" or be constantly aware of good proper function. A fit and healthy body is quiet... perceptually uneventful... boring.

But injury or pathology... any drastic situation of "anatomy gone wrong"... now that's exciting. It's symptomatic and dramatic. And the doctor or therapist who rescues the person from the suffering and discomfort (whether the actual problem/dysfunction is corrected or not) is considered a hero.

Yes, it's noble to help a sick, suffering human being who is at the end of their rope to pull up a few notches to just above suffering level. And those few notches down at the end are sooooo flashy and dramatic. I call that help they get in order to go from suffering to non-suffering a "noisy miracle." I see it happen all the time in my practice, and receive much praise (misguided as it may be) from appreciative patients.

But do you realize that the flashy drama that exists down at the very end points of sickness, that separates suffering from non-suffering... that noisy miracle phenomenon all the way down there... is really just a faint echo when you compare it to an entire lifetime of vibrant health and strength?

But we don't talk much about people (and many of ourselves, perhaps) who live lives of outrageous health and function. For most people, their health and vitality are just too easy to take for granted.

So perhaps this is why the talk on this sub-forum seems to be more focused on the bad things (i.e, suffering) happening to good people -- rather than on the rewards, blessings, and gratitude that exist at the other end of the spectrum: optimal function, fitness, and health.

Anybody have any thoughts on this?
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