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Rectiligne Couloir TR

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What turned out to be a great day out and some of the nastiest horrible Sh!t I've skied in a long time.

First lift of the day to the top of the Grand Montets, blue sky day and not too many track in yesterdays lovely powder. Pas de Chevre via one of the entrance couloirs is our plan, rumours of the 4th couloir being excellent were banded about last night. The first few turns away from the lift are lovely with an amazing vista.

We get over towards the couloirs still under the shadow of the Aiguille Vert and the Drus and we start to hit sun crust. Ditch the forth couloir, none of us had done it before. Standing between the Rectiligne and the Central we decide on the former?less tracks, shouldn?t be as cut up. As soon as we get committed we realize this isn?t going to be nice. Re frozen crap and debris?.and its dammed narrow, maybe less than 4 meters in places?.I am suffering on my very fat Powder Pluses, regretting lending my nice Explosives to Andy following

Lots of hop turns and side slipping later we get out on to the Glacier

The snow is evil crust in places, just crusty in others. We head over under the north wall of the Drus searching for nicer snow?we find some?.lovely sweet powder.

or at least for the first few turns?Andy can be clearly seen hitting the transition between powder and sun crust

Towards the end of the Pas de Chevre is where lots of people get lost, if you don?t know the way out there are lots of nasty cliffs. To cut down on the number of deaths choppers are frequently sent to winch off anyone who looks lost in this area?.it is in full view of the Montonvers railway station on the other side of the Mer de Glace and provides good entertainment for tourists. We didn?t have to abseil but we did have to down climb a bit when it got very horticultural. The final exit couloir was very rocky but I did manage to ski all the way without any major damage to my skis!

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Thanks for sharing, I hope you know how lucky you are. Such great terrain and awesome views.
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