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Palmer P01 TwinTips

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Anyone else skied Palmer's twintips yet?

Here is a quick summary of my outing on them...
Full review with some pics at:


Wicked easy to ski. Goes anywhere with very, very little effort. This is the kind of ski you might want to ride the first ski day after getting your ACL fixed. Great spring ski. Really soft. One observer stopped me and said "Looks like you're having fun...that ski just flops down the hill through the bumps and corn snow like nothing...kinda cool watching it flap." (true quote). More grip than you might expect for a ski that can smear in any direction with the best of them. Suprising snap if you load up the tail and let it fly...comes back down soft as you like. I think Palmer has hit on a ski with appeal to newbies and park rats. Excellent maneuverability. Nice job....just no excitement. Extremely light weight (nice to see ...don't knock a light ski)

While they are pleasingly damp, I wouldn't want to get them up to warp speed on a hard surface...I think they'd get you unglued...but then again, that's not what they're for.

Palmer says these skis could be for beginners or experts...hard target to hit...but they might have done it...now, if they only had some more...something....

SierraJim has a review here at:

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Finished up the year in bottomless corn snow (smooth in the AM, cut up and deep in the PM), and the thing that sticks in my mind after getting back on the Palmer P01 twintips is "effortless". This ski really requires no muscle or effort to go into a turn or come out. It definitely has an upper speed limit, beyond which it starts to flake-out...but it's not meant for high speed...manuvering is what it's all about...and it does it well. A superbly soft, all-terrain ski for nearly anyone who does not muscle their ski or expect it to hold tight at mach speeds. Goes in and out of the bumps with no effort, turn here, turn there...no problem. Floppy at speed cutting across the shin-deep corn waves, but docile. This ski would appeal to a HUGE audience who are not hard-cores. One woman who tested the ski today said it would be ideal for intermediates looking to go in any terrain and get off the groomers all the time...just don't push DOWN on it too hard...it'll go away on you...it's not meant to be pushed down on...just steer it. Nice pop at the end of a soft snow turn...freindly...never explosive... Again, effortless and easy ride and it could go anywhere but the race course or nasty windcrud. Nice ski for the masses. Palmer hit their target audience...right on the money.

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