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Is This 'First Official Tracks' at a Ski Area This Season?

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Silverton Mountain, Colorado’s newest and highest ski area gets first tracks of
the 2002-2003 ski season. With several September snows dropping over 20” inches
of snow at the top of the ski area, Silverton Mountain experienced its first ski
run of the season on September 18, 2002. The abundance of early season snowfall
has allowed Silverton Mountain to push the projected opening date for skiing up
to October 17th 2002. Silverton Mountain with all natural snow and no
snowmaking should be the first ski area open in the nation this year and for
years to come. Once open, all Silverton Mountain ski runs are advanced and
expert meaning early season skiing will be much more than the usual strip of
man-made snow found at many other areas.

A handful of Silverton Mountain employees lucky enough to be working, fired up
the lift to get in a couple of pre-season runs before work. Jerome Gardner,
Silverton Mountain employee said, “Best run of the season” after skiing calf
deep powder September 18, 2002 at Silverton Mountain.


Pictures At: http://www.silvertonmountain.com/gallery/album04
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Nope, this was I think

Phil and Martina Skiing the Tacul

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Did you forget Mt. Hood? It always has first tracks every season and it lasts longer then 1 day in September.

Remember, EndlessSeason posted his pictures here a week or 2 ago.

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Is it fair to include hood in this though? I mean it's a glacier, they close all of two weeks I think it is, and that's for maintenance. Btw, I think endless was there before they closed down so he was technically still making turns from last season in my book.
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It's funny how whenever the topic of first/last tracks of the season comes up, people automatically mention Hood. [img]smile.gif[/img] Maybe some mention of whether or not the snow is there year round should be included as an addendum or something. I'm just excited seeing all the pictures of fresh powder. Yay!
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This has me amped to start skiing. Thanks for the Cham pix.
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I mean hell We can ski all year too at St MAry's Glacier but you don't here us mention that in first tracks .. sounds like someone is jealous
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The fact that we're skiing on one of the, if not the, newest lift in Colorado is the point. We're talking about fresh pow on the 18Th of Sep. in Silverton, that's woth boasting about.
Maybe here in the Roaring Fork we're not too far off. We did get a little over a foot and the hills are white on 3 of the 4 Aspen Mtns..... smells like an Epic year is beginning to brew, but who knows....the farmers almanac?
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aren't there first tracks somewhere everyday? all of which mean nothing unless they're my first tracks.

speaking of SOLRC... i mtn biked there this summer. fun stuff. spoke with the lifty... he guides in the winter... SOLRC is going to try and persuade the BLM to up their allowable daily skier visit from 25 to 80. if so the daily price of admission for REAL FIRST TRACKS will go down from the already spankin' deal of 99 bones to something even better.

the lifty dude pointed out some of the terrain that they ski and described a day at SOLRC.

gotta pick up the phone and make a date for SOLRC.
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whoahh...i can be skiing in less than 3 weeks?? sweet!!
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I think that until a resort gets enough snow to be open for the season, then it can officially be something to talk about. These little early dumps of snow are nothing to get wet about. Oh btw, my friend got first tracks today at our local resort. Check out the video I shot!

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Welcome to the forum!
I've studied the video very carefully, and I believe your friend should come to the clinic in Utah. While he may have the speed, his hands are too far back, and if he's going to ski at those speeds so close to trees, he really should be wearing a helmet.
Oboe would probably also point out that he isn't on Bandit XXs, and therefore really needs help. Personally, I think his skis must be OK, cause either he's on ice, and controlling it very well, or else he's floating on the top of great powder, as I can't see any tracks he might be leaving behind.

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