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Gettin' some at the Bowl

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Well, Snowbowl's lifts stopped on the 1st, but the 104 days I logged there this season were not enough, so I have made three hikes to the top since then.

Sorry to say that my camera is broken, so I have no evidence of my exploits, but I have some VERY pleasant memories. You see, last week it snowed for two days and accumulated over 14 inches of snow up top, and enough down low to allow untracked turns from top to bottom of Snowbowl's 2600 verticle feet.

Thursday was nothing short of incredible, the snow hadn't warmed up at all and was still powder the whole way. I skinned up all by my lonesome on a skin track traveled by only two others, and then dropped into knee deep powder in West Bowl. Easily in the the top ten runs of the entire 06/07 season. :

It was so good, that when I heard that a friend was going up friday, I couldn't resist and we charged up the mountain in a scant two hours (it was a bit sunny, so we wanted to get there before the snow got cooked). I skied "Red Bud" from the summit, and I really don't have a sufficient array of adjectives to describe the ride. It made me smile quite a bit.

It's raining in Missoula today, but I'm afraid it its probably too warm for it to be snowing on the mountain. I'll be sad if the snowpack is compromised, but at least I got some when it was at its best.
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Hey VA, thanks for the stoke. It brings back memories of my solo post-season climbs up the Bowl 25 years ago. They always seem to get a good dump right after closing. Red Bud and the West Bowl, still tasty to the last drop. Glad to hear you're still getting some tracks. Hope they're not your last.

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No doubt a camera is due, but what a season! 104 days!

I guess that is better than hanging online. Good for you for keeping the effort high and making this less than average year a geat one. I wish I could say the same. Great skiing and growing together with your son all in the same year, certainly sounds like the most epic season I have heard of in a long time.
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VA always a pleasure to read your TR's, now where are the pics?
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VA... I would ask where you've been, but it's obvious you've been skiing. Good to hear it.
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It was a really banner season. For the third year in a row I was told that I was the most improved skiier on the hill. It is true that I hesitate little in skiing the worst conditions, and it has made me a much stronger and more confident skiier.

My son skied a dozen days and was skiing legimate black diamonds by the end of his season, his improvement was rapid, and he is on track to becoming a true ripper in the next few years.

Oh, and I won over four hundred dollars in the "Shake-a-day", which paid for a new wheel on my mountain bike, some groceries, and drinks for the house.

I'm tremendously deep in the whole financially as a result of the season though (low gas milage was a killer), and shut down my internet connection because of it, so getting a new camera, or getting the old one fixed is out of reach. Maybe next year.
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VA I've always loved your pics with your trip reports. I'd send you my camera but its pink and I don't think it'd match your image.

Glad to hear you've had a banner year on the slopes and that your son has caught your "ripper bug"

Looking forward to your next pop in for a TR!
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