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Park City bus system

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My family has gone to Whistler for last 6 years for spring break. We have skiers and people who don't ski so much. We're looking at staying in a house in Park Meadows. They say they are near a bus route. I've stayed in Park City many times, but have not used their bus system. Whistler's is great and easy. Just wondering what people's experience is with Park City's and whetehr anyone has specific experience with Park Meadow's subdivision.
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I was last there in 98, and thought the bus system was great.
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The bus runs through PM once every 20 minutes or so, at least that's what the schedule is. It obviously depends on exactly where the house is in PMs as there is a large swath that is off the system. Otherwise, the buses are roomy and comfy, run to all three area resorts, the 2 grocery stores in town (including the liquor store) as well as Main St.
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PC bus is brilliant. It's free! It runs all night, and on weekends. I make this distinction because the SLC not-free bus doesn't do EITHER.
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it definitely works. Not quite as nice as Aspen, but what is. There they pick you up at the airport and it's right there. But it's doable to stay in PC and use the bus for transport including The Canyons. Also Canyon hop van and others are available for LCC daytrips
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It depends on where you are staying in Park Meadows. I used to live in Park Meadows and some areas are pretty removed from the bus route.

If you are close, walking distance, it makes for a very convenient service. You can ride the bus pretty much anywhere you want. The lovely Brazilian and Australian seasonal workers take it so the scenery is great.
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I like good scenery. I'll ask potential house landlord how close to bus route. We'll have cars, but it's just in case. What's Park Meadows like?
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Big houses, small blocks, and elevated looking across the plain toward (mainly) PCMR. You can see the runs lit at night.
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Not all the houses are big, but the small older houses can be on big lots so the next phase of development will probably be tearing down the small homes and building mini mansions on the lots. There is also a large condo development in the Racquet Club which also has great facilities, tennis courts, you name it, and it is cheap. There is also a local hangout there called The Broken Thumb. Good burgers, pool tables, and locals hanging out. You can walk to Prospector (sorry, NOMA, can't believe they are trying to change the name) and the movie theaters, but the bus is better.
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Huh, the walk to Prospector involves a stump through the GRAVEYARD!
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What are you talking about?
I can walk from the Racquet Club to El Chubasco without going through the Graveyard unless I want to.
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You are going beside the graveyard, and dead people don't care about fences.
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Take the bus.
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PC bus is fantastic. Only flaw for those with kids is that there is no bus that goes all the way out to Gorgoza (tow rope tubing--fun as hell). Other than that, really anywhere in Park Meadows you're no more than three blocks or so away from a bus stop. Racquet Club is easiest reference point, and they have enclosed stops (nice on especially blustery days).

Also, any bus will go to the transit center, which will then allow you to walk along main street (right across the street), hit the town lift (2 blocks) or take a bus to Deer Valley (3 minutes), Canyons (15 Minutes), or PCMR base (2 Minutes).

Good riding.
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