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K2, Volkl, Marker - brought to you by Mr. Coffee!

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K2 Inc. this morning announced its acquisition by Jarden Corporation, a Fortune 1000 company which is "a leading provider of niche consumer products used in and around the home," with brands including Crock- Pot, Sunbeam, and Mr. Coffee.


I can see it now, the new 2009 K2 Modtronic Carve-o-Matic with an integrated Marker binding, hot-dog cooker, coffee dispenser, and waxing iron.
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Where's Ron Popiel when you need him?
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This does not look good. The company I recently worked for was aquired by Jarden (brands include Sunbeam, Oster, Coleman, among others). As soon as Jarden took over, innovation, new development and creativity ground to a halt due to their over-reliance on beuracracy, meetings for the sake of meetings and unnecessary procedures. Jarden is very heavy in upper management levels and every decision has to be reviewed and approved at the highest levels, leaving the product managers, category directors, engineers and designers powerless to innovate, stay ahead of competitors and on top of consumer needs. This is good news for K2's competitors and bad news for consumers (us) who look for product innovation and choice in the marketplace.

The only light at the end of the tunnel is that Jarden is holding company who may break apart the various K2 brands and divisions to sell off. This could be an opportunity for new enthusiastic owners to maybe purchase K2.... Let's see what happens and hope for the best.
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Can anyone say..Beatrice or AMF? Enthusiest companies have never succeeded under bean counters.
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So did those who were in love with K2 stock finaly make a profit? Is it not usualy best @ buy-out time?
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remember K2 was really Anthony Industries before they changed their name to be "cooler" so the non-enthusiast buyout was a long time ago....
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True, but Anthony industries kept their purchases in the recreation world and allowed each company to operate independently. Jarden's MO is to minimize costs and consolidate as many functions as possible, across brands, thus individual brands can lose focus and the people working across brands do not have passion for the individual brand and specific activity.
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K2 Stock went from 12.5 to 15 a few days ago--


A 20% markup for stockholders.

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ts01 you forgot the DanaDesign/Marmot backpack-snowshoe to carry it allinwith..
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