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Or, lots of us just have more than one hour to teach a learn-to-ski lesson. This last season I had the luxury of an all day as a norm. In that situation, I have the possibility of teaching dtp. I sincerely doubt I'd be able to do anything except teach a braking wedge in an one hour context.
This makes sence. I read a book on dtp written by a european back many years and he was allways talking about a weeks long lesson. Where I teach we usually just have one hour time.

Ott, LOL, my father took a beginners lesson in seefeld back in 1966 and first thing they were told to do was to sit down and then get up so he sat down and then stood up. Turnend out he was the only one that could get up and he had to take his skis off and help the female teacher to lift all other student up on their feet again. He could then move to a more advanced group.