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The tables are turned

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LOL! Be aware that there are probably no more than a handful of skiers here every day.
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LOL! Thanks for the laugh...
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At least nobody asked where do they store the moguls in the summer. :

Tom / PM
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Reading a topic from the other's point of view it's an
horizon opening
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I thought that everyone knew that moguls were made by strategically placing VW Beetles (you call them Bugs) on the hill during the off season?
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I thought moguls were what happened when boarders stopped for too long...

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And to get those huge cut off ones you have to put VW campers in next to the beetles just to give you that huge surprise that there is no other side to the mogul you are on.

I have to say I love moguls and have seen boarders loving them too but that guy who said he is quicker down them than most of his skiing mates, needs some more skiing mates!!
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Quote: "I thought moguls were what happened when boarders stopped for too long..." EOQ

I haven't laughed this hard in my life I've always wondered what happened to those boarders who camp along the slope... Now, I have the answer...

[ March 19, 2003, 05:07 AM: Message edited by: Euclide ]
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uhhhh, a good question for this group would be "when the snow melts, where does the white go???"
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Those aren't moguls. Thats where Patrol hides all the dead bodies.
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Some people are the product of a gene pool while others are the by-product of a gene puddle. :
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A peek into the intelectual masterminds of tomorrow. Truly enlightening.
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Sorry, today they just restricted ALL forum access to registered users.
I wonder if it was my fault? :
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Forum access OK today.

Hey dude that slope is all messed up. Let's go over to the terrain park and hit those jumps. LOL.
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