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Hello and a boot fitting question

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Hi everyone, I am a young skier from the UK and have been offered a pair of boots but need to know if I am able to get some fitting issues sorted.

My friend bought a set of Rossi Bandit B2s off the internet but then never actually went skiing, and has offered them to me (because they are my size - 27.5).

He's offered them for a fairly cheap price so I tried them on and they fitted perfectly, for about 20 minutes. However they are a bit tight on my little toe and around the top of my foot. They haven't been moulded at all so I imagine I can get that done, but will this improve the situation or will something else need to be done?

Hes offering them pretty cheaply to me and I'd like to finally get a pair of my own, so if its possible to get them sorted cheaply it would make me very happy.

Many thanks,

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I have B2's. They fit an 'A' shaped foot - narrower at the toe than at the heel, but still quite wide at the heel. You may have an 'H' or a 'V' shaped foot. A 'V' shaped foot is very far from what the B2 is supposed to fit. I am a 'V', an 'H' would fit the heel better.

All that can be done is to punch out the toe area. It may be enough to get the toes to lie flat to lower the arch. The high arch is tricky, as a punch at the side may cause the foot to move off the centerline of the boot - not desireable.

The heel pocket is too loose for me, a fact that only became evident after 2 days of skiing. It is more difficult to make a boot smaller than larger, so if you have the 'H' shaped foot, you might try going for it. I don't use mine at all anymore -- they are totally the wrong shape.

BTW, tight toes and pressure on the arch is what I experienced. Molding did not help the arch issue at all. They may be more trouble than what they are worth.
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Hi m0t, welcome to EpicSki.

What part of the UK are you in?
The best place to get your boots looked at is Lockwoods in Leamington. If you are a bit further south, try Solutions4feet in Bicester.
You could also go to Profeet in London, but they tend to be a bit more pricey.

Out of interest, have you just rented before? Who measured you at 27.5? (that should be about a UK size 10 in shoes)
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I have rented since I started going (in 1995) and the last 2 seasons I have been measured at a 27.5, and before that a 27.

The boots fit perfectly everywhere else and feel really good, they arn't painful or anything but they leave a few toes slightly numbed from the pressure on my foot.

The shell has plenty of space so I assume its the liner that needs looking at.

I am from the london area.
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OK, let's do a quick shell fit...

Take the liner out of the boot, and then put your foot into the boot.
Slide your toes right forward - you should have at the most 2 fingers gap behind your heel. If it's 3 or more, they are too big. If it's less than 1, too small.
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I have 2 fingers gap between my heel and the boot.

My friend wants £20 for the boots (about $45) and they are new, if I don't want them they are going on ebay, so I can spend maybe £50 ($100?) on getting them adjusted.
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Did you move the tongue all the way back to make more room for your high arch?
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I have moved the tongue all the way back, which seems to help slightly.

The main problem seems to be the left boot as my left foot is slightly bigger than the right.

I will probably accept these boots and try them as for the price its worth a shot, I can always take them to be adjusted and see if that makes a difference.
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Generally speaking two fingers is too much, but is also not a very accurate way of measuring. Space should not be more than 1.5-2cm and really only tells if length is reasonable. Doesn't at all describe rest of the boot.

Forget the saving money and get boots that are properly fit by a fitter.
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I see what you mean since different peoples fingers are different sizes, and personally mine are very skinny.

What I have decided to do is get the boots and wear them when I next go skiing, since they feel pretty good and see if they open up.

Worst case scenario I have paid £20 for them and get a set professionally done when I am out there, making the whole thing £20 more than just buying a set in the first place.

I was given them to try at the begining of the week and have been randomly sitting about in them to see what happens. The instep issue has solved itself, I assume by conforming to the shape of my foot through the wearing, so I have no problems except a slight snugness round my toes.

Its so slight it doesn't feel like a problem at all, but obviously feet change slightly at altitude and whilst skiing so it may become a problem up there. But really with them being the price of 2 pizzas from pizza hut its worth a shot.
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Sounds right to me. Skip the two pizzas and your toes will slim down.
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Well thats not gone well. I have the boots stored away for next seasons skiing, and a problem has come to light.

The knee I twisted a month ago in verbier on the slushy horrible stuff that we were pretending was snow has got damage to one of the cruciate ligaments (I forget which) and a medial ligament.

My doctor says I require surgery, and by the time I have had that (NHS waiting lists suck) and recovered it may be too late to ski next season.
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m0t, sorry to hear that - are you on the waiting list already?
Could you see about getting it done privately in Poland?
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Sorry to hear that, hope you recover well.
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Its a 4 month wait to get a consultation then a further wait for the surgery plus a minimum of 5 months until I can ski.

I am looking at my private medical insurance but my dad has already claimed this year and there is a cost limit so it may not cover it.
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