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4-week PSIA Training in NZ

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If any instructors (cert. level 1 and above) are interested in all-terrain training in New Zealand this summer, there will be two 4-week sessions offered, one from mid-July through mid-August and another from mid-August through mid-September. They are offshoots of successful all-season programs that have been used to train European and NZ instructors for the past several years. The trainers are NZ examiners who have been training NZ instructors at Keystone under Bob Barnes for the past few years. Bob has been invited to join them in NZ and, schedule permitting, will be part of the training staff there this year for this new program.

For information, go to and look under the program offerings for the 4-week PSIA programs. Go to "Ski Courses," then "U.S. Ski Instructor Courses," then "4-Week PSIA Training." There will also be 2-week courses offered.

Should be fun!
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I did a 5 week CSIA level 3 through the Rookie Academy. It's one of the best times I've had anywhere. With that amount of time you really get to know the people on the course and make some new friends, not to mention really make a difference in your skiing.
The accomodation is pretty nice - basically two level townhouse condo style units, each level with its own unit with 4 or 5 people a piece. Everyone stays in the same "resort" (not a big resort really, just a gym and small pool w/ hottub and 20 or so townhouse units), so its pretty good in terms of social activities - always somebody around if you want to go get a beer or watch a movie.
When I was there, they ran just NZSIA, BASI and CSIA (L2&3) courses, no PSIA, but there were just over 100 people in total on all courses, about 30 of which were doing CSIA, the rest were on the NZ/BASI courses. Demographics wise, most of the NZ & BASI guys/gals were in their early 20s and late teens, but the CSIA group had a much larger age range, from late teens to mid-late 40s (and even a couple over 50). Mostly from the UK (even on the CSIA courses), but a collection also from Canada, the US and NZ and Oz.

If anybody is interested and has some more questions, by all means ask and I'd be happy to answer.
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Would there be any way to get say, a NZSIA Certification if one was to attend such an event?
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Hey Mike--thanks for bringing this up. I'm excited about the program, after knowing and working with the Rookie Academy guys at Keystone. They run a great program there, and I'm looking forward to getting involved in the New Zealand programs. Are you still thinking about attending?

Mattchuck2--yes, Rookie Academy trainers include Examiners and D-Team members from NZSIA, as well as BASI, CSIA, and PSIA, and runs training programs focused on certification in all of these instructor associations. Click on this link for information on NZ certification with the Academy.

Dean Hunter, founder of the Rookie Academy, is a New Zealand Examiner. Don't hesitate to e-mail him with any specific questions about the program. Or click on the NEED MORE INFO? link on the web site. I'll answer any questions I can, but these guys know the program much better than I do.

Hope to see you (all!) in New Zealand!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Originally Posted by mattchuck2 View Post
Would there be any way to get say, a NZSIA Certification if one was to attend such an event?
Yes, they've got NZ certs in various flavours - You can go for the NZ CSI (entry level afaik) & NZ 1, or just the CSI, or if you've already got an NZ1 cert, you can go for the full cert.
Have a look here for full info:
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The skifield where the rookie acadamy is held is one of the best
for terrain in NZ.
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Glad to hear the positive feedback! Sounds like a good program. Anyone interested should probably touch base with them soon.
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Hey Mike M-
Does this mean you are going down to participate?

Good on ya, mate!
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Hi, Ric! Yeah, I think I might! Sounds fun. Do you know the area?
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Eight spots still open. If you're interested, you probably want to contact them soon.
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Gid-day Mike

Season is getting closer, opening day on Treble Cone is 26th June. Getting really cold too.

Looking forward to seeing downunder mate.

Nick Herrin USA Demo team member, will be visiting us this season... so very strong chance you will be doing some turns with Nick.

see ya soon

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