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New member introduction and a question.

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I'm new to the board, and would like to introduce myself to the group. I also have an opening question that I hope some of you might be able to help out with. A friend on a golf message board (Ham & Egg on Golf) recommend this board to me.

I am an intermediate skier, in that I enjoy skiing mostly blue rated trails and slopes in the Mid-Atlantic region (so mostly groomers, seldom powder or other exotic surfaces). I'm from southwest Pennsylvania, and my Wife and I ski mostly at seven springs, Snowshoe, Wisp, Canaan Valley, and this year we bought season passes at a small nearby resort called Hidden Valley.

I have been skiing recreationally since college (so for about 13 years) and I don't hold any competitive/racing aspirations - skiing is purely a winter fun pursuit for me.

I'm 6'4, 280lbs, and of large build, which brings me to my question (sorry if this was starting to sound like a personal ad! heh.):

I need to find a ski jacket/shell (and maybe trousers) in an appropriate big/tall size. Could someone suggest A ski apparel shop in southwest PA or north central WV (where I work), or maybe on the web that would carry ski wear in big/tall sizes?

I've tried Willis ski shops, the resorts we ski at, and a couple of regular Big and Tall mens clothing stores nearby with no luck so far. I would appreciate *any* suggestions folks might offer.

Also, if there are any other tall/large men who ski and post here, I would be interested in your thoughts/findings regarding appropriate ski equipment. I saw another poster mention that he was of large build while lurking, so I'm hoping I'm not alone in that.

Thank you, and well met.


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Can't help you sorry, but welcome anyway [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Welcome!! Great choice for a home mountain. The Valley is known for some great snow that can blow in off of the lake. You might want to try Mountain Equipment Coop . They have great stuff at great prices. Best of luck in your quest.
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Welcome to the board. I haven't been here long myself, but it's the best ski board I've found.

I'm about your height, but you've got a few pounds on me, so I'll do the best I can.

I ski w/ a Patagonia shell, & a wide variety of layers underneath, depending on conditions. I think you'll find that most XL size shells will be plenty long. Most shells are also sized to fit lots of insulating layers underneath. My Patagonia has plenty of internal "space" (i.e. it's pretty "baggy"). Depending on how you're built, this may be sufficient.

As for pants, it really depends on your waist size. Most pants & bibs are adjustable up to a point, but I'm not sure what the largest sizes are. I don't know how extreme conditions the get where you ski, but dedicated ski pants may not be neccessary. You may be able to get by with a gore-tex-like shell over longjohns. Just make sure they fit over your boot tops.

For online sources, your can try rei.com and ems.com . The manufacturers also have websites (North Face, Patagonia, etc.). The vast majority of the online stores have good return policies, so you can order something, check it on for size, & send it back if it doesn't work. You're just out the cost of shipping. Good luck.
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Karbon brand seems to be cut large. I'm not your size but in that brand I go a size down and have room to spare.
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Thanks guys for the gracious welcome and the pointers on where to find jackets. I appreciate the help.

We're visiting a ski shop tonight after work; new boots for my Wife, and custom footbeds for me.

We're hoping to get our first runs in this Saturday at Hidden Valley. It looks like it's staying cold with some snow possible in the forcast between now and then. They are already open (5 runs I think as of yesterday), but we're hoping for more terrain by Saturday.

Have any of you guys been skiing yet this season? How's has it been?
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Hi JFiz,

It sounds like you may be about the same build as me; I'm 6'4" and 260 pounds -- I have to agree with the person recomending the Karbon brand for a jacket. Pants seem to be a bit more of an issue for me; I have a 35" waist, but find that my legs are way to big for the typical pant associated with that waist size; for the longest time I just skied in extra large pants with the waist cinched up -- Last year I finally got some pants that fit me; I found them at Walmart of all places... [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Well, maybe not quite the same build...I wear a size 44-46 waist, and a more average 32'' inseam - I'm somewhat tall in the torso.

My problem with jackets is usually the sleeves are too short, and sometimes they can be too short waisted. As luck would have it, I found a CB sport insulated ski jacket at earlier this week at Willi's that fits well enough.

Pants are another issue - the shoulder straps on bibs aren't long enough, so they usually restrict my torso movement. It's hard to find regular shell pants with large enough waist to fit comfortably over my bottom layer....so for now I'm making due with bibs.

With my desk job (web design, programming, some sys-admin), commute, and my Wife's schedule, we don't spend enough time exercising. Undergrad at WVU (read: professional binge drinking academy) left me with the beginnings of a beer gut, so I could probably stand to lose 20-30lbs (heh!).
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I kilt me a baar.
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I'm not your size, but was also having a difficult time finding comfortable ski pants. My problem is short legs for my waist size. Quiet by accident I tried on some high quality Snowboarder pants! They were just the ticket. They had all the bells and whistles that regular ski pants have , also they were lined with flannel down to the knee. The best part is that the waistband was all elastic with Velcro adjusting straps on the side. They'd fit a large variety of body types and lengths.
I wear them with wide suspender which helps keep them from falling down to my ankles when I'm skiing.

At least have a look when your shopping for ski pants.
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sew some velcro ends onto straps of bibs to make them longer? :
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